Valencia - Denia
07.11.2015 Sonne 22°C 11 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 50,4' N 000° 07,2' E
The following day, we and Valencia will be taking the bicycles. First we come to the Formula 1 circuit in the harbor and the Americas Cup basin within the marina. The Formula 1 track is easy to see, all the markers and the side boundaries are still there. Then continue towards the old town. In Valencia, the old river bed of the Río Turia is transformed into a recreation area, the river was redirected in the 90s and now runs past the city. In the old riverbed are now sports centers and the largest aquarium in Europe. After a few kilometers along the riverbed we reach the old town of Valencia. We spend half the day in the city and come back to sunset at sunset.
After two days in Valencia we set off in the morning on the third day and go under sail towards Denia. We can sail until just before the port entrance and catch up in the Marina Denia.
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