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At first we only wanted to stay in Cartagena for one or two days, but then there will be more to see. Cartagena is located on a large natural bay and has a well protected harbor. There are almost daily cruise ships on the large pier. In the western part of the bay is a large Spanish naval base.
1. The City of Cartagena
Due to the large marine base and a university in Cartagena always lively. There is a lot to see, right on the harbor a fortress on a hill. In the old town are plenty of shops and bars. Just outside are supermarkets and also the station of Cartagena.
2. Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática
Directly at the marina is a sea museum. In the Marinabüro we were told that this museum can be visited free of charge on Sundays. In the museum are underwater finds from the area exposed and explain what it with these has on itself.
3. Museo Naval de Cartagena
Through the large naval base there is also a museum with the history of the Spanish navy. In the museum you can see various eras of the Spanish marina, as well as various exhibits around the navy. The first Spanish submarine is also located in a neighboring building. A visit is worthwhile, usually open in the morning.
4. Museo Histórico Militar de Cartagena
The Army Museum is also open in the morning. Here, many exhibits are spread over different buildings, from large scale to a model park. It is also worth a visit.
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