Malaga - Fuengirola
11.06.2016 Sonne 29°C 10 kt NE Actuell Position : 36° 32,6' N 004° 37,0' W
The anchorage in Malaga's well protected from western and northern winds. In the morning, everything is still good, around noon the wind turns to the southeast and increasing. We go to anchor and want to Fuengirola. The first 8 nm We go well with the West but then the wind can only gradually then turns still to South, so we have to show up. We drive around a few large fishing nets and two old oil rigs that are left here off the coast. The last 3 nm we let the machine work with and reach in the late afternoon Fuengirola. Directly in front of Fuengirola fishing nets are designed marked with tons this but as always, are not shown in the charts. The place is a pure tourist place. ( )

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