Strait of Gibraltar - Barbate
24.06.2016 Sonne 27°C 11 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 11,0' N 005° 56,3' W
Driving a boat through the Strait of Gibraltar is actually quite simple. It should be noted only the tides, the currents and the wind. We want to watch in 1000 going on, but were stopped at the gas station (a sailor had just 6500 liters of diesel bunkering) and so we started until 1100 hours, which also was Ok but. With current and wind astern we are 6-7 kt above ground moved westward. One can go on the northern coast and sees occasionally choppy, what a reversal of the flow announces that then takes a short distance and then the power turns back. The further we move to the west, to the Cape of Tarifa, the more will the wind to. Even after passing the Cape of wind remains strong. In the then following West course we can well sail and also the flow with us. On the west coast of Spain large tuna nets are designed, which are all marked with buoys. In daylight you can see the nets but again are not all located in the charts or drawn disappeared. In the afternoon we come to Barbate and go there in the Marina.
Marina Barbate (APPA Marina) Info:
Yachts 12 m 32 € / day in high season
incl Tax / water / electricity / no WIFI

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