Mazagon - El Rompido
02.07.2016 Sonne 25°C 8 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 12,7' N 007° 04,6' W
After a quiet night at anchor in Mazagon, we want to continue a bit further. The idea is to drive to Rompido, but the driveway is a bit tricky there, as sandbanks change the runway every year. On the other hand, the fairway through the sandbars is safe only at high tide. In a light wind, we sail the 8 nautical miles and look from the sea to what others take for a walk. After some searching, we find the control ton and the other tons that mark the dredged way. Behind the kilometer-long sand dune, we lie quietly at anchor. On the day a small taxi boat tourists on the sand dune, then the beach is empty since 1800 since you would have to walk a few kilometers to get back to the village. On the land side are large pine forests. ( )

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