El Rompido - Ayamonte
10.07.2016 Sonne 28°C 10 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 11,5' N 007° 24,4' W
We stay one week in Rompido. Shortly before the onward journey helicopter rescue is practiced next to us. We wait for the right weather and also for floods to get through the fairway well. At calm sea we have 1 m of water under the keel, so only at high tide is it possible to drive out. At sea we set the sails and after about 25 nautical miles at the entrance to the border river, Rio Guadiana, between Spain and Portugal. With running water we drive a bit up the river and anchor in front of Ayamonte in the river on the Spanish side. The next morning we want to go to the marina, we have to bunker water. ( )

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