Ayamonte - Rio Guadiano
19.07.2016 Sonne 32°C 11 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 13,5' N 007° 24,6' W
After two days in the marina we drop off the jetty. Water and supplies are replenished. For a few days we drop anchor in the river, just north of the city of Ayamonte. Here are some yachts and with the dinghy you can drive in the place. After a few days, we want to go up the river for a while. We wait until the tide comes, and by noon we lift the anchor. With the Genoa we sail with light wind and with running water with well 4 kt up the river. The motorway bridge has a specified headroom of 20 m, for us it should fit! With a sailing yacht, it is then a strange feeling, you get closer to the bridge, the mast is getting higher and the bridge deeper and deeper, but in the end it fits and we drove under the bridge. After 3 hours we go to anchor in Foz de Odeleite.

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