Rade de Agay - St. Tropes More

06.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 16.2' N 006° 39.79' E
Rade de Agay - St. Tropes - Tracks from Live Scores
Our next destination is San Tropez. With perfect wind around 15 knots aft directions we make fast progress. Shortly after noon we arrive at the anchorage in San Tropezwo quite a few ships are moored. We place our anchor in deep water about twelve meters. Tomorrow we want to then choose San Tropez.

Nice - Rade de Agay More

05.07.2015 Sonne 28°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 25.5' N 006° 51.6' E
Nice - Rade de Agay - Tracks from Live Scores
As predicted, the night was calm and there was hardly any wind. In the morning thins the anchorage and in the middle of the bay is now a cruise ship. We go back Course Southwest past the town and at the airport, then we pass Antibles and Cannes. In the afternoon we arrive at the anchorage in the bay at Agay Plage.

Monaco (MO) - Nice (FR) More

04.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 12 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 41.79' N 007° 19.29' E
Monaco (MO) - Nice (FR) - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we head southwest. Lined in front of Monaco plenty of yachts, of course, all much larger as we do. We drive slowly past the city then at the port and at the Maritime Museum. Then there is the helipad and we are back in France. Now it's on to Cap Ferrat. Behind the cap is the bay of Nice. Although we are quite early in the anchorage there is already plenty full here. We find at this time of a free mooring, but is it with every hour full and ever closer. The weather conditions should remain calm and therefore it's okay.

Menton (FR) - Monaco (MO) More

03.07.2015 Sonne 23°C 14 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 45.39' N 007° 27.69' E
Menton (FR) - Monaco (MO) - Tracks from Live Scores
We go in the morning to the city and get us a French telephone number. Then we explore us about the possibilities how to come to Monaco. There is a train that runs every hour. The next morning we take the train to Monaco. The train station in Monaco is built into the mountain. Upon arrival you go through a tunnel and comes directly to the start and finish of the Formula 1 track out. With a bus ticket for 5 € we drive through Monaco, get out there from where we want to look what and continue to the next place. In the afternoon we take the train back to Menton. By boat we drive around the headland and put us close to Monaco at around 15 meters depth at anchor.

Diano Marina (IT) - Menton (FR) More

01.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 7 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 46.69' N 007° 30.79' E
Diano Marina (IT) - Menton (FR) - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we lift our anchor and head for France. In light northerly winds we have a southwest course and pass San Remo noon. In the early afternoon we reach the border between Italy and France. Just beyond lies Menton where we want to drop anchor. Here are three other ships are moored.

Corse (FR) - Diano Marina (IT) More

30.06.2015 Sonne 27°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 54.09' N 008° 04.89' E
Corse (FR) - Diano Marina (IT) - Tracks from Live Scores
Early in the morning before sunrise, we raise the anchor. We pass under engine from the bay and head towards North. At sunrise Corsica is already a bit behind us. In the morning we get light wind from south east and we set sail. With light winds arriving in the late afternoon, the mainland of Italy. Nearby Diano Marina we drop the anchor.

Elba Portoferraio (IT) - Corse (FR) More

29.06.2015 Sonne 24°C 5 kt SW Actuell Position : 42° 57.79' N 009° 37.29' E
Elba Portoferraio (IT) - Corse (FR) - Tracks from Live Scores
We leave Portoferraio early morning. Our goal is Corsica. With little wind we go under engine. Even on the day when the wind is not much to so that we can track cover with motor sailing. In the afternoon we go in Tomino moored. We will visit made short and then want to sail early in the morning to the mainland.

San Vincenzo - Elba Portoferraio More

27.06.2015 Sonne 23°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 42° 48.3' N 010° 19.5' E
San Vincenzo - Elba Portoferraio - Tracks from Live Scores
After three days in San Vincenzo we want to Portoferraio on Elba back. Today is a regatta from here start with the same goal. We leave the marina and head southwest with light westerly winds. We have already driven some miles behind us as start the race. The regatta ships use spinnakers and join us so closer. In Portoferraio we place ourselves in the large bay at anchor.

Elba - San Vincenzo More

23.06.2015 Sonne 23°C 17 kt SE Actuell Position : 43° 06.0' N 010° 32.19' E
Elba - San Vincenzo - Tracks from Live Scores
The wind has increased somewhat, and we go in aft winds in the morning to the north with destination San Vincenzo. Between Italian mainland and Elba many ferries are traveling whose waters we now cross. With reefed we continue north. Even the waves increases. Once in San Vincenzo is located in the entrance a yellow buoy, just which side you should pass this. So pay attention to the depth gauge and drive slowly in the Marina.

Orerello - Elba More

22.06.2015 Sonne 20°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 42° 45.69' N 010° 23.7' E
Orerello - Elba - Tracks from Live Scores
We stay another day in the bay are, it safely protected it here and quite good. We use the day to the town of Porto Ercole to visit and there to look around a little. Today we continue and want the evening in Elba be. Having circumnavigated the peninsula under engine we can at port the island of Giglio and see with binoculars even the cranes that are used to recover the Costa Concordia. With a good wind, we arrive in the afternoon to the south of Elba and moored in the south bay.
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