Marinelle - Orerello More

20.06.2015 Sonne 20°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 42° 24.39' N 011° 13.2' E
Marinelle  - Orerello - Tracks from Live Scores
Early in the morning we start heading north. Under sail takes in light winds. In the afternoon we reach the large bay with a sandy beach Langen and go there at anchor. Again, some ships are next to us.

Nettuno - Marinelle More

15.06.2015 Sonne 22°C 7 kt E Actuell Position : 42° 02.19' N 011° 52.5' E
Nettuno - Marinelle - Tracks from Live Scores
The first day we want to take the train to Rome, at the station, we learn that today's strike and will continue morning trains again. So a day later by train to Rome. In Rome then used a sightseeing bus to make even a tour of the city. On then next morning we start to the north, for the time being counterclaims with wind, so go with engine. For lunch the wind and we're sailing turns. In the late afternoon we drop the anchor, tomorrow it goes on.

Geata - Nettuno More

14.06.2015 Sonne 21°C 7 kt SE Actuell Position : 41° 27.19' N 012° 39.49' E
Geata - Nettuno - Tracks from Live Scores
After two days in Gaeta we want to continue. Gaeta is a nice place and also the anchorage is good. We start in the morning and we are not yet sure of our destination which is also dependent on the weather. When we went out to take the wind and we are making good ride. We decide to go to Nettuno, what then are take just before sunset. Here we go in the Marina, we will look at here from Rome, which can be quite easily reached by train.

Ischia S. Angelo - Geata More

12.06.2015 Sonne 21°C 5 kt SW Actuell Position : 41° 12.69' N 013° 35.7' E
Ischia S. Angelo - Geata - Tracks from Live Scores
The bay of Sant'Angelo in the south is quite safe, but there will also swell the anchor space which is not so nice. Tomorrow we raise the anchor and want on the west side of the island over to the north. First, under engine and after we were out of the shadow of the island then sail on to Gaeta. In the Bay of Gaeta is a very good safe anchorage what other sailors have known and we are not alone here at anchor.

Ischia Castel - S. Angelo More

11.06.2015 Sonne 21°C 11 kt SW Actuell Position : 40° 41.89' N 013° 53.89' E
Ischia Castel - S. Angelo - Tracks from Live Scores
Yesterday we looked at in detail, the Castello Aragonese and many know what is hard to believe. You get a description of the input and then look at everything. The Castello is worth seeing and you should watch it. The little city is quite nice but designed much on Tourismus. Today we want to drive only a piece of the island of Ischia, and then go to the south at anchor. In the afternoon we continue and come to a good two hours, a long bay with sandy beach and leave here the anchor on 6 m depth and sand fall.

Nisisda Neapel - Ischia Castel More

09.06.2015 Sonne 20°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 40° 43.69' N 013° 57.79' E
Nisisda Neapel - Ischia Castel - Tracks from Live Scores
After two days in the bay, we want to continue today. Yesterday we by bus and train to Naples and have and viewed the city. We anchor on us to make our way to Ischia. Before the bay a lot is to transport, powering many ferries and some charter yachts are traveling. On the way we passsieren the Procida where some boats are. The target is the bay at the Castello Aragonese. Here are some yachts at anchor, we find a nice place and let the anchor fall. The anchorage looks pretty nice and let us look also the Aragonese Castle.

Capri - Nisisda Napoli More

07.06.2015 Sonne 22°C 12 kt S Actuell Position : 40° 46.89' N 014° 09.6' E
Capri - Nisisda Napoli - Tracks from Live Scores
Since the anchorage is not really safe and some ships have gone to drift we go in the morning and continue to raise the anchor to 0900 AM. We drive east to the island of Capri and pass many high cliffs. In the morning we cross the Gulf of Naples and head for the West Area of the Gulf of Naples. We arrive in the early afternoon the cove in which one can best anchor to all information that we have.

Ogliastro - Capri More

06.06.2015 Sonne 20°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 40° 32.59' N 014° 14.59' E
Ogliastro - Capri - Tracks from Live Scores
After a day waiting for the right wind we start in the morning with destination Capri. On the way to the north takes us a sailing regatta up on their way to the south. Capri seems like a big rock and go as we in the southern bay can be seen that it is all quite deep. There are some large yachts moored and we leave at 18m drop the anchor. Since we have plenty of anchor chain is not a problem and we are determined. Within the next two hours go some ships to drift and we remain on board to see what's coming.

Faracchio - Ogliastro More

05.06.2015 Sonne 20°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 40° 13.89' N 014° 56.59' E
Faracchio - Ogliastro - Tracks from Live Scores
Even if the anchorage is very nice we want to continue and do the morning on the way north. With today around 25 nm, we have a feasible distance. In the afternoon, we go behind the country course at anchor, there are inserted smaller ships here at buoys.

Sapri - Faracchio More

04.06.2015 Sonne 19°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 40° 01.5' N 015° 18.3' E
Sapri - Faracchio - Tracks from Live Scores
Since we have only a short trip today we and time and take place from around 10:00 am. Even the wind is little and we sail with 3-4 kt. Since there are only 17 nm, we arrive at our mooring in the early afternoon. Also here two ships lie because the space but is quite nice.
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