Cetraro - Sapri More

02.06.2015 Sonne 19°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 40° 04.2' N 015° 37.59' E
Cetraro - Sapri - Tracks from Live Scores
We have an extra day in Cetraro, go to the city and try to bring phone running again our what then succeed. On the way we see a large Lidl supermarket not far from the port and we take the opportunity to not purchase. The following morning, the wind is weak and we use the engine to drive alls motor glider. Around noon we can sail then, and arrive in the afternoon in Sapri and go in the bay at anchor.

Ricadi - Cetraro More

31.05.2015 Sonne 19°C 5 kt SW Actuell Position : 39° 31.59' N 015° 55.09' E
Ricadi - Cetraro - Tracks from Live Scores
Today we have sunshine and no wind. So we start the engine and drive engine going north. During the morning light wind comes up and we set sail. For a while we sail, then we turn the machine to drive and as Motorsailer on. In the late afternoon we reach Cetraro. Again, the entrance silted up and you have to take care of the depth. Three ships are outside the marina moored, we go to the dock.

Scilla - Ricadi More

30.05.2015 Sonne 17°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 38° 36.99' N 015° 49.89' E
Scilla - Ricadi - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we pick up the anchor and take engine further north. There have been fishing boats go, it's no wind and no wave so that this can something specifically looking vessels fish. In these vessels, a high mast (20m) and a huge bowsprit is grown. The top of the mast to control the ship and are on the way 15 m long bowsprit fishermen. We have plenty of room and ride the 30 nm up to our quiet anchorage.

Rocella Ionica - Scilla More

29.05.2015 Sonne 17°C 11 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 15.19' N 015° 42.6' E
Rocella Ionica - Scilla - Tracks from Live Scores
Shortly after sunrise we set off in Roccella Ionica. Once we are on open water, we set sail. In light winds it goes towards Messina. In the afternoon we reach the entrance of the Strait of Messina and come squalls on. With heavily reefed and afterwards with engine as well as travel to Reggio Calabria. In Reggio Calabria we see in the Marina to whether there is a place for us, but it's all pretty broken and even bad places still available. We drive on and then want to go on the output of the street in the small bay at anchor. After a further 3 hours, we go at 22:00 at anchor and have now gone good 70 nm.

Lefkada (GR) - Rocella Ionica (IT) More

25.08.2014 Sonne 31°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 19.5' N 016° 25.69' E
Lefkada (GR) - Rocella Ionica (IT) - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we take the first opening of the pontoon bridge and drive out into the Ionian Sea. Early in the morning the wind from the north is still weak, but we can go under sail. Throughout the day and the next night the wind remains constant and we are well under way. The following day the wind is less in the morning, we drive for a while with engine and then the wind comes back now from the south and we can sail again. Our arrival in Roccella Ionica so be against 2400 AM, and we hear on the radio is heavily silted the marina entrance and we bombard with the Wind and now standing wave to go out at anchor.

Vliho - Lefkada More

18.08.2014 Sonne 30°C 8 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
Vliho - Lefkada  - Tracks from Live Scores
In Vilho one is safe in a closed bay, but what does water not so good. We do some things and want then to Lefkada. The first few miles we sail, then through the channel further by machine. We ann the town pier and do with mooring line fixed at the bow and stern lines.

Spila - Vliho More

15.08.2014 Sonne 30°C 6 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 41.1' N 020° 42.19' E
Spila - Vliho - Tracks from Live Scores
After a quiet night in the large protected bay behind the island Petalas we go in the morning with destination Lefkas going under engine. With little wind we go by engine and under sail, for lunch we switch off the engine and deen can the rest of the route to Lefkas sailing. At late afternoon we anchor in the Bay of Vliho.

Killini - Spila More

14.08.2014 Sonne 29°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 38° 24.09' N 021° 06.69' E
Killini - Spila - Tracks from Live Scores
When the sun shines, we raise the anchor in the morning before the city Killini and today want to pass the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth. With no the wave and light wind from the southwest, we can well sail. In the late afternoon we stop the engine to when the wind subsides and we are also close to our goal, the bay behind the island Petalas.

Kallithea - Killini More

13.08.2014 Sonne 28°C 15 kt W Actuell Position : 37° 56.1' N 021° 09.19' E
Kallithea - Killini - Tracks from Live Scores
Today it is to go to the ferry terminal in Kyllini, and we have to reckon with Westwind. The heist morning losahren and over with motor to the docks and then out to the wind to the north. We need some male cross, but come on well and moored afternoon out off the port of Killini.

Kasmer - Kallithea More

12.08.2014 Sonne 31°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 37° 39.19' N 021° 19.59' E
Kasmer - Kallithea - Tracks from Live Scores
The port of Kyparissia is large and empty, there is plenty of space and we are alongside at the pier. In the morning we set off and want to Kallithea, where the berth for cruise ships is their guests to drive from there to Olympia. Under sail with a good wind, we arrive in the afternoon there.
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