Pylos - Kasmer More

11.08.2014 Sonne 30°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 37° 15.49' N 021° 39.9' E
Pylos - Kasmer - Tracks from Live Scores
After a few days in Pylos we leave today (EU) Marina and want further north. The marina is one of many that was built but never completed. EU marina because the EU had funded such projects before, but not until the end, only the concrete structures are finished. Again, more and more refugee ships are parked, which then decompose at the piers. We drive through the bay outside and set sail. Part with sail and engine it we arrive in the afternoon in Kyparissia and place us at the pier there.

Methoni - Pylos More

10.08.2014 Sonne 28°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 55.09' N 021° 41.89' E
Methoni - Pylos - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we start with the Endless Summer of Methoni to Pylos. The hueteige route are only 10 nm so very little. The wind is weak and we sail with 4 to 5 kt north. In Pylos we still find an empty seat at the pier and moor there. In the afternoon we go together then in the place.

Kayio - Methoni More

08.08.2014 Sonne mit Wolken 25°C 6 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 48.9' N 021° 42.69' E
Even if the wind is not so suitable we want to go and drive on. With engine is about the central cap of Peloponnese to the northwest and then to Methoni. In the afternoon we could still sail a piece before we anchor in the Bay of Methoni.

Elafonsos - Kayio More

06.08.2014 Sonne mit Wolken 24°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 25.89' N 022° 29.19' E
Elafonsos - Kayio - Tracks from Live Scores
After an evening tour on the island of Elafonisos we set off in the morning. The 4 nm south we drive engine, then it goes on under sail westward. In the south some yachts are moored in the bay at anchor. The day we go with a good wind and arrive in the afternoon the bay at Porto Kagio where we drop anchor.

Monemvasia - Elafonsos More

03.08.2014 Sonne 26°C 9 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 30.49' N 022° 58.89' E
Monemvasia - Elafonsos - Tracks from Live Scores
We stayed one day in port and also met some friends here. A trip to Monemvasia Castle afternoon was interesting, even if the part was closed on the mountain top for works. Today we continue and want the first Cap circumnavigate Peloponnese and then landing in Elafonisos. Later in the afternoon we will dock at the town pier in Elafonisos.

Kortia - Monemvasia More

02.08.2014 Sonne mit Wolken 26°C 10 kt NE Actuell Position : 36° 40.89' N 023° 02.4' E
Kortia - Monemvasia - Tracks from Live Scores
We leave from the pier and drive out of the bay. Outside we set sail and set course south. There are a few other boats go, but it will be less because from here charter yachts are hardly to be found. After we drive to the south is the Monemvasia peninsula in sight. We want south behind Monemvasia in a small harbor. As we pass the south side we can see the old Byzantine fortress well.

Porto Chelio - Kortia More

01.08.2014 Sonne 26°C 12 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 58.89' N 022° 59.89' E
After a few days stay in Porto Cheli we leave the sheltered bay and our friends. We drive out of the bay and approaches us one of the hydrofoil ferries, we make good place. First we go north past the island of Spetses and then take South bearing as well as some other yachts. Again, many charter yachts go. In the afternoon we go on a dock in the bay at Ekklisia Agios Nikolaos and make with bow anchor and stern lines fixed. The water here is clear and you can see well dug to anchor in 12 m water depth on the seafloor.

Platanias - Porto Chelio More

27.07.2014 Sonne 28°C 6 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 19.2' N 023° 09.09' E
Platanias - Porto Chelio - Tracks from Live Scores
The anchorage at Platanias was ok for the night and even the swell by the ferry was later less. In the morning we lift our anchor and head sail westward. There are some boats on the same route and at noon leaves after the wind, but we can still sail albeit more slowly. In the early afternoon we go by engine in the bay of Porto Chelio and put us next to the yacht Second Live moored.

Kythnos - Platanias More

26.07.2014 Sonne 28°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 25.39' N 023° 29.49' E
Today we leave the last island of Kythnos in the Cyclades and want to now. Peloponnese. With a good wind, it goes to the west. We have more than half the distance than in the distance a yacht towards us comes with spinnakers? Should now turn the wind? After a short time it is so and the wind turns and we can just still go hard on the wind. In the late afternoon we reach the anchorage and let the anchor fall.

Nisos Syros - Kythnos More

25.07.2014 Sonne 29°C 12 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 24.9' N 024° 22.59' E
Today we continue, we want to see that we come to Porto Chelio. In the morning, raise the anchor and then leave the island Siros under sail. The wind fits and sail to Kythnos on the west side.
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