Axhino Rinneia - Syros More

24.07.2014 Sonne 30°C 9 kt E Actuell Position : 37° 29.79' N 024° 53.4' E
According 2 beautiful days in the bay at the island Rhinia we want to continue. Here in the bay one is quiet and without bustle compared to Mykonos. Under sail we travel westward, circumnavigate the afternoon in the North Island Siros and go in a small bay for the night at anchor.

Mykonos - City - Axhino Rinneia More

22.07.2014 Sonne 28°C 12 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 24.09' N 025° 14.29' E
Mykonos - City - Axhino Rinneia - Tracks from Live Scores
After a few days leave with a lot of wind Mykonos. Other yachts want to go and spread in the morning to take before. For us, this is quite simply because we have a mooring line and did not need a bow anchors. The 4 nm to the bay at the island Rhinia are short. Lined in front of Mykonos again cruise ships as well as the last few days.

Mykonos - City More

17.07.2014 Sonne 26°C 23 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 27.9' N 025° 19.59' E
Mykonos - City - Tracks from Live Scores
From the Ornos bay west we want to sail around the island to the main town. But the sail is only the first piece, then the wind is against us and we go by engine on. Since many free places, we are quite early to arrive at the Marina in Mykonos available. Again, it is a so-called EU Marina which is not completed. With our friends we go to the city on the island of Mykonos. Everything is painted white and it makes a strong impression tourist. We walk through the old streets and everything is clean and there are a lot of business, bars and restaurants. Out on reede are cruise ships and several thousand visitors so here, it is full, very unusual for us as yachties.

Mykonos Kalo Livadi - Mykonos Ornos More

16.07.2014 Sonne 31°C 12 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 25.09' N 025° 19.39' E
In the morning we go to anchor in the bay of Kalo Livadi and we want a piece to the west. we head to the Ornos bay and see from afar that some motor yachts and sailing yachts are there.

Chios - Mykonos Kalo Livadi More

15.07.2014 Sonne 24°C 30 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 25.89' N 025° 24.49' E
Chios - Mykonos Kalo Livadi - Tracks from Live Scores
From Chios, we intend to sail to Mykonos, the weather forecast is 15 kt from northeast before what's good. We leave under sail and the wind takes over the day increasing. In the afternoon we come to more than 35 kt, kt gusts also 40th The the wave also increases good and comes from the north. With well reefed sail to the Eastern corner of Mykonos, the the wave is gone and only the wind is still there, and we go into the next bay at anchor.

Marina Chios - Chiios Süden More

14.07.2014 Sonne 24°C 14 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 11.29' N 026° 01.8' E
Marina Chios - Chiios Süden - Tracks from Live Scores
From the marina (EU) in Chios we want a piece in the south of the island and then the morning to drive further mykonos. With a good wind, we drive past the Chios and see in portside Turkish coast. In the afternoon we anchor in a small bay in the south.

Nisos Oinoussa - Marina Chios More

10.07.2014 Sonne 24°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 23.29' N 026° 08.29' E
Nisos Oinoussa - Marina Chios - Tracks from Live Scores
Today we drive a little piece of the island Nisos Oinoussa to Marina Chios 10 nm away. In this short piece, we take our time and come shortly after noon on there. The water is as clean as in a bay, which is also because it is a (EU) Marina and most ships are parked in the marina.

Apothkes - Nisos Oinoussa More

09.07.2014 Sonne 24°C 9 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 30.69' N 026° 15.69' E
Apothkes - Nisos Oinoussa - Tracks from Live Scores
There is no wind and we go under motor going. The way out of the bay through the fairway stressed, on the sides, it is flat. Once on the open water, we set sail and also a little wind comes up. We sail to Chios and take between Turkey and Greece on the open sea, the yacht Endless Summer. There is no wave and no wind, so we put together briefly in the middle of the sea. A half hour later we separate again and we go to today's mooring.

Sigri - Apothkes More

08.07.2014 Sonne 25°C 11 kt NE Actuell Position : 39° 06.69' N 026° 05.79' E
Sigri - Apothkes - Tracks from Live Scores
In light winds it is a little to the south to go today. We go from the large bay in Sigri the western exit and go south course. In the afternoon, where we drop a short time later the anchor under power in the Bay of Kallonis.

Petra - Sigri More

07.07.2014 Sonne 28°C 13 kt E Actuell Position : 39° 12.49' N 025° 51.09' E
Petra - Sigri - Tracks from Live Scores
After a few weeks in Petra takes today, or back to Sigri. In Sigri we briefly to sleep and then the other way to go south. Since we already know that is the narrow entrance of the north not difficult even if you have to take care of the shoals in the passage.
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