Number1 Travel - Petra - Lesvos More

22.06.2014 Sonne 27°C 8 kt W Actuell Position : 39° 20.19' N 026° 10.69' E
In Number1 Travel (car and scooter rental in Petra) we get again a scooter. Today, our well-known with the Tour. We head west and visit the petrified forest and come back to Sigri.

Roundtrip at Lesvos More

16.06.2014 Sonne 26°C 8 kt NE Actuell Position : 39° 20.19' N 026° 10.69' E
With a scooter, we make an island tour. Lesbos has as many different things, wooded steppe up well, everything is represented. With the scooter in summer temperatures it is a successful outing.

St George Island near Petra - Lesvos More

10.06.2014 Sonne 28°C 8 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 19.89' N 026° 08.59' E
Today in a different way, we have the yacht at the pier are and take our dinghy to the island of St George. Our friends have already moved forward with a local glass bottom boat, we take the good 2 nm with our dinghy.

Petra - Lesvos More

07.06.2014 Sonne 27°C 8 kt W Actuell Position : 39° 20.19' N 026° 10.69' E
Petra - Lesvos - Tracks from Live Scores
Yesterday we learned that today a regatta here in Molyvos just wants to do and so our berth is needed. The not so tragic because we are planning today to go with our known a small cruise and then fasten in Petra at the pier. With low wind it is go off lunch and we go to the small island of St George and then after two hours at the pier to moor in Petra.

Mithymna - Molivos - Lesvos More

06.06.2014 Sonne 27°C 11 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 22.09' N 026° 10.09' E
Mithymna - Molivos - Lesvos - Tracks from Live Scores
The small village of Sigri is quite nice and we lie here for two days. Now let a little further and meet in Molyvos Mithimna or with acquaintances. Under machine we drive from the north exit of the bay, which is provided with narrow and shallow. In clear water we sail east and come short after noon at the Port of Molyvos and put us Roman Catholic to the jetty.

Arrived in Sigri - Lesvos More

03.06.2014 Wolken 19°C 14 kt NE Actuell Position : 39° 12.49' N 025° 51.09' E
Arrived in Sigri - Lesvos - Tracks from Live Scores
A day later we go in better weather towards Lesbos. We have half a Wind kt to 14 and we are making good progress. In the early afternoon we arrive in an area close to Lesbos, where many commercial vessels are traveling. We take the northern entrance to drive in the bay of Sigri and anchors are directly at the site in a small bay in the quite a few yachts.

Wind pants and Agios Efstratios More

02.06.2014 Sonne und Wolken 21°C 21 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 30.19' N 025° 09.49' E
Wind pants and Agios Efstratios - Tracks from Live Scores
The next morning we are woken at 6:30 clock. The work will continue and we will be asked to make us go. Only now we see how dirty the Praslin and also the Fender. We are just times out and about 4 nm to Lesbos as we have a dark squall line ahead of us. Seehose: A dark corner protrudes from the dark storm front out down and develops in just a few minutes to a Seahose. We have them right in front of our bow. We quickly get the sails down, throw on the engine and drive back to Evstratios. The ferry is gone and we directly make us firmly aside and decide the next day to continue. Now we have more time to visit the village. We are very surprised how clean and beautiful the place. Right on the harbor starts the pedestrian zone, a village square, decorated with plants where the post office and church. Next is cute little family houses close to. The place has two small parks, children's playground and a mini market where you can buy the essentials. In the pile there are several restaurants. We want to visit the ruins of the old village above the new village. This village was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. A staircase, right on the harbor leads steeply uphill, initially well developed, later train guards but significantly destroyed to the church. Just the beautiful view of the town, harbor and the sea is worth the climb.

Aghios Efstratios More

01.06.2014 Sonne und Wolken 22°C 21 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 32.4' N 024° 59.19' E
From the beautiful and safe natural bay in the north of Pelagonisi we arrive in Evstratios the early evening. From a distance we see already being worked on the port. With high stern waves we surf just past a tug in the harbor. There is a small inner harbor and an already extended quay wall which is now to be enlarged again by the double. The small inner harbor is full of fishing boats. There is space where a yacht can moor alongside and possibly may cling to it the second. Water depth of about 3 m. At the quay wall is already extended the ferry. The ferry runs every day going at 6 clock and comes back 17 against clock in the afternoon. During this time, it is possible to moor next to the ferry on the inner wall. When we arrive in the early evening is the ferry back already, so that the mooring lines are blocking the way in to us moor beside her. The small inner harbor is full. Anchor outside is not possible at the high incoming waves. We make us finally secured to a barge. In the evening we have to climb over two barges to come ashore.

Nisos Kyra Panagia, an uninhabited island with perfectly protected bay More

30.05.2014 Sonne und Wolken 25°C 25 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 20.7' N 024° 03.99' E
Nisos Kyra Panagia, an uninhabited island with perfectly protected bay - Tracks from Live Scores

Nisos Skopelos - Ormos Staphylos More

29.05.2014 Sonne und Wolken 25°C 11 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 04.99' N 023° 44.89' E
Nisos Skopelos - Ormos Staphylos - Tracks from Live Scores
On Skiathos past to the southeast we arrive in Nisos Skopelos in the afternoon. In the south of the island is a small bay in which we anchored next to another ship. We want to stay here overnight and tomorrow continute. In the night the wind falls asleep quite and Praslin revolves transversely to the incoming wave, so that it rocks plentiful. There is so much we stand up against 0400 clock in early and superior to continue. Then we decide to wait until sunrise in 90 minutes and to watch a movie in the meantime.
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