Skiathos - Koukounaries Bay More

28.05.2014 Sonne 27°C 11 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 08.79' N 023° 24.19' E
Skiathos - Koukounaries Bay - Tracks from Live Scores
After a few days in Achilion to go from here to the east. Our ride is short to Skiathos, on the west side is a large bay with a sandy beach and next to it, clearly visible, is a large hotel. There is also a small port which is used by fishermen and excursion boats. We anchor at 8 m depth between sand and rocks. On the following morning, we want to continue and the anchor chain is wrapped around a rock. We can drive the chain free and then sail to the next island.

Achillio - Ex Ecker Yachting More

22.05.2014 Sonne 29°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 39° 00.39' N 022° 57.69' E
We know that there the former charter base of Ecker Yachting is. Located along the city wall is space for 20 yachts, mooring lines and mooring lines. Water is present, but no electricity. When we arrive we are waited upon. Andreas, the former base manager of Ecker Yachting and one of his employees hand us the mooring lines and the mooring line. Andreas is planning to open a Yacht Service. He has rented a workshop and has various spare parts, accessories and Yacht two professional sewing machines. So who here needs help or broken sail has can feel free to contact Andrew. Also here you can turn off the yacht and give Andreas in custody. The bus takes you from here in 4 hours after Athens and Thessaloniki. There are nice restaurants right on the pier, close to a small supermarket where you can also exchange gas bottles, a butcher and a pharmacy.

Achillio More

20.05.2014 Sonne 25°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 39° 00.39' N 022° 57.69' E
Achillio - Tracks from Live Scores
Meinten Sie: Von Oreoi wollen wir in den Ormos Pteleos und werfen den Anker in der Einbuchtung vor dem kleinen Ferienort Pigadi. Der Ankergrund ist stark abfallend und schnell sind wir auf mehr als 12 m Wassertiefe. Bei dem starken Wind scheint uns der Platz für die Nacht nicht sicher genug. Wir fahren weiter nach Achilleion. Hier werden wir von Andreas empfangen, der uns die Leinen annimmt. In Achillion liegen Morrings mit Ketten auf dem Grund und es sollte auf keinen Fall geankert werden. Auch an Land sind an den meistens Festmacherringen Leinen angeschlagen. From Oreoi we want in Ormos Pteleou and drop anchor in the indentation before the small resort Pigadi. The holding ground is falling away quickly and we are on more than 12 m water depth. With the strong wind seems to us the place for the night is not safe enough. We continue to Achillion. Here we are greeted by Andrew, who accepts us the ropes. In Achillion Morrings lie with chains on the ground and it should be anchored in any case. On land, are found at the most mooring rings linen.

Oreoi - Yard More

19.05.2014 Sonne 24°C 17 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 56.89' N 023° 05.19' E
In addition to the place also has a small yard area is the work. A parking space on land located at 1000 EURO for 6 months including hauling and launching is. Dimitrios runs on the day and at the town pier along and distributes brochures in of his yard and he also performs repairs, when ships are at the town pier. ( )

Oreoi More

17.05.2014 Sonne 21°C 17 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 56.89' N 023° 05.19' E
Oreoi has a town port. On the west side with a long pier which is also a charter flotilla (Sailing Holidays) is used. The pier on the northeast side can be used to create. The pier at the restaurant is the too shallow for boats. At the pier, there is water and electricity, a chip you can get at the supermarket. There are several small supermarkets, a post office but no ATMs, banks and larger supermarkets (Lidl) are 5 km away in Istiaia. ( )

Akhlaohion More

16.05.2014 Sonne und Wolken 21°C 15 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 53.1' N 022° 48.3' E
Akhlaohion - Tracks from Live Scores
After all the wind we want in light winds further north, our goal is Akhlaohion. In the morning we pull the anchor and leave the Bay under engine, then turn left to the north. In 4 nm distance are still other small islands, and seen from us before some fish farms. On the island are partly fish farms. The footwall now before us are only partly in function, is completely destroyed and drifting a wreck in the sea. It is difficult to see where such an abandoned fish farm starts and stops. We arrive in the afternoon at our planned destination and need to realize that there is there is no secure place. We choose a further 15 nautical miles to drive and to go to Orei in good wind astern.

Vathra - Orm Amirou More

14.05.2014 Sonne 29°C 42 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 37.8' N 023° 06.49' E
Vathra - Orm Amirou - Tracks from Live Scores
Tomorrow there will be a lot of wind, the weather forecast talks of 35-45 kt from west or south-west directions. Only 3 miles away is an Anchor Bay, large and the water depth also fits protected to the west, and therefore perfectly suitable for the weather forecast. In the afternoon we lift the anchor and leave Theologos and sail the 3 nautical miles to the west. We lie down in the middle of the bay, can be good 60 m chain fall and wait. The next morning also starts like the wind predicted. We measure in our Max 42 kt in gusts and longer periods by 35 kt. There are also sometimes called "flying water". Due to the proximity to land, no large wave can build up and it can be good at anchor. We stay two days are here and work on the internet.

Theologos More

12.05.2014 Sonne 29°C 12 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 39.6' N 023° 10.99' E
Theologos - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we go to anchor and we go a little further. There is no wind and first we let the engine run then from noon a little wind comes up and we will anchor in the afternoon in front of the small harbor of Theologos. At the quayside some restaurants are, however, all without guests. We leave the dinghy into the water and go ashore and look around a little, it is quiet and hardly anyone is on the way.

Ormos Skroponeri More

11.05.2014 Sonne 25°C 5 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 30.3' N 023° 21.09' E
Ormos Skroponeri - Tracks from Live Scores
After a day at the pier of Nea Artiaki we continue. Our goal is a small bay in as 14 nm distance. We can sail part of the way, a little rest then machine. This is the first reasonably warm and after we well lying at anchor we can go swimming for the first time this year. When water temperature of 20 ° C is, however, swim short lived.

Nea Artiaki - Anchorage and Marina More

10.05.2014 Sonne 22°C 12 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 30.49' N 023° 37.8' E
In after we passed the bridge and then drive about 3 nm at an anchorage at Nea Artiaki. There is a dock and you can also anchor outside what we do and what is also recommended. The following morning we drive to the harbor, it looks a little bit of different than in the card, but there are some moorings and turned yachts are also beautiful here longer. We find a place and moor at the pier. Everything looks new built and very neat and clean. It's the weekend and many people are traveling. We ride a bike shop and get what also water and electricity at the pier.
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