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09.05.2014 Sonne 22°C 12 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 27.79' N 023° 35.59' E
Chalcis - Bridge - Tracks from Live Scores
Basically, the bridge in Chalkis opens only at night , during the day have cars and pedestrians take precedence. The transit costs money , we have 8 to € 18.77 paid, it may be from 15 to more and on Sundays also . To pay you have to port police , near the bridge ( see picture). To sign the ship's papers , submit the certificate of insurance and the Greek Klarierungspapier . Then there's a briefing , and the contact on VHF Ch 12 runs . From 1600 clock the office of the Port Police is open and ask for the passage at night . Lying commercial vessels in the bay , the bridge is expected to open. In the summer, almost daily , in winter it can take up to 3 days up to an opening. In our required dates on Friday are two commercial vessels outside and a yacht at the pier on the south side. The docks for yachts are marked with red color, yellow is for commercial vessels . These marks at the pier in the South as in the North. At 2100 clock should be followed by a call control , which was then forgotten. We go after 1900 clock from the marina and put us next to the bridge at the railway station at anchor. At about 00:30 clock then the opening was announced shortly after it goes without further contacts quite quickly. we lift the anchor and then go have both commercial vessels through , we then afterwards . Ultimately, everything was pretty easy, even if the port police was not heard much on VHF.

Chalcis - Marina More

07.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 16 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 27.3' N 023° 35.4' E
Chalcis - Marina - Tracks from Live Scores
Marina: There are moorings, but the outer berth of the first pontoon have none! We had a mooring next to, since the auxiliary rope was too short, otherwise the mooring was the best. The pontoons are made ​​of concrete and looking very well. Prices: The marina is the first day free of charge, from the second day costs the Marina 0.615 ct / m / day including taxes. This includes the toilet and shower included. Water is to get it for € 3.74 / 1,000 liters and power there for 30 ct / kWh, both with a chip card costs € 10. The marina has showers and toilets in a building on the pier. At the gate ot the street is a little house, which you have to check in, and that is oopen from 0800-1600 clock. In the city you can just walk and to the barracks is a ship chandlers and then a lot of bars, restaurants and shops.

Chalcis - Kanithos / Χαλκιδα - Κανηθος More

06.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 14 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 27.3' N 023° 35.4' E
Like two days before the forecast is still popular with a lot of wind , but north of our position should it be more less. Eretria is protected, but the underwater ground does not seem quite perfect, we have 2 times the anchor down before the was reasonably determined . At 15 kt wind from the north, we sail the 12 nm to Chalcis. It is cloudy when we lift the anchor and left the harbor area by engine. Outside, we set the sails, but reefed and so we go almost on track with 5 kt. After two hours we are at the first bottleneck to pass this we throw at the engine and go under motor the short distance and then again to set sail . After 2 sm then the cement factory to port and still around the next corner then the first fractions ( 36 m headroom ), and now follows the big anchor bay before the second bridge , which is closed during the day. We decide to drive to the small marina and moor at a dock.

Eretria - Ferryport More

05.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 15 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 23.29' N 023° 47.49' E
Eretria - Ferryport - Tracks from Live Scores
Eretria is a ferry port with a large protected inner harbor. There is ample space to as a yacht on the north or on the south side to anchors. On the northern side is a jetty that is used by fishermen or the ferries. The ferries run until about 23:00 clock, from then rest, or at least that was with us that way. The reason is at the point where we were quite firm and the anchor has held only at the second attempt.

Gulf of Euboea - Boulalo Bay More

04.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 15 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 18.09' N 024° 07.2' E
After 3 days in Porto Rafti, we want to go but into the Gulf of Euboea, and through the bridge at Chalkis. As a first stop, we have planned a small bay, but we do not know we do there is. When we arrive in the early afternoon in Boulalo Bay are 2 boats with stern anchor in the bay. In the middle of the bay to a wreck lying, it should be below the water and you can not see it. For the predicted winds (25 kt) and 10 m depth, it is too strait for us here, and we continue to Eretria.

Porto Rafti More

02.05.2014 Sonne 21°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 53.29' N 024° 00.9' E
After passing the Temple of Poseidon we sail along the coast to the north of Atika. With light winds from we arrive at Porto Rafti afternoon. Porto Rafti is located on a large bay and has several places where you can safely anchor. Before the place itself is ample space to 5 - 10 m water depth where you can freely lie at anchor. At the pier at the site are just the outer deep enough for boats, which is also used by fishermen. In parts of the bay are from buoys. From Porto Rafti it is not far to the International Airport of Athens.

Temple of Poseidon More

01.05.2014 Sonne 20°C 8 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 39.0' N 024° 01.59' E
Temple of Poseidon - Tracks from Live Scores
Next to the temple of Poseidon, there is also an anchor bay, which is still open to the south and west. By today's trendy West wind and the swell from the same direction, we will not anchor in front of the temple and see us the Temple of Poseidon only drive past.

Atika - Ormos Anavissbu - Bay More

29.04.2014 Sonne 19°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 42.99' N 023° 55.59' E
After 3 days we seen leaving the marina in Athens and want first to the south. The closest berth is located about 20 nautical miles south-east and south-westerly winds reach at forecasted under sail. But like all things come, the forecasts are not a problem not really true, so show up a little, in light winds and the short distance. The anchorage is protected behind a mountain and a reef in the bay are also several to many buoys. We anchor in 8m water depth.

Athens More

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Athens - Tracks from Live Scores
We want to visit the city and the Acropolis. We see no way near Athens we do not want to anchor the yacht let alone all day . We decide for three days in the Marina to go out and hollow us in time of several marinas offers. The Athens Marina, a marina for mega yachts is the Cheapest , costs 38 EUR / day (without water and electricity) , plus there is a bottle as a gift Metaxxa and a current yacht newspaper. We Locate alongside with yet another sailing yacht in front Haven next mega yachts. This harbor was built for the Olympic Games in 2004 and is right next to the Olympic Hall . In the rear port are small to medium sized motor yachts. From the harbor us a helper comes with a boat contrary , shows us the space to stand on the bridge and take our linen two helpers . It all goes quite quickly . Barely made ​​it firmly provides us with to drive by car to the Office for registration . We get an information sheet and also a plan for the subway. To the underground , you will pass the Olympic Hall and is there in about 5-10 minutes. For 1.40 EUR you can pull a ticket with which you can use 1 1/ 2 hours the train . After about 20 minutes we are at the Acropolis and pay 12 EUR each entry . With the subway you can also drive to the new airport but quite far away.

Acropolis of Athens More

27.04.2014 Sonne und Wolken 18°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 58.2' N 023° 43.59' E
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