Ithaka - Vathy More

15.04.2014 Wolken 15°C 15 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 21.9' N 020° 42.9' E
Ithaka - Vathy - Tracks from Live Scores
We leave now entgültig Lefkas and go south, our next Zeil is Ítaka because Odysses to come forth. With machine it goes into the channel between Meganissi and Lefkas. Here are the first Sunsail are - yachts go, we see this year. We ride under sail to Vathy, the main town in Ítaka. Once there, we go to the town pier, which is still empty and put us next to a well-known yacht, a Dutch couple in the Lefkada on the same bridge was now located here as well. In the afternoon, as running with and with the Sunsail Flotilla in order the ten yachts, so it will be full.

Vliho und Nidri More

11.04.2014 Sonne 19°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 42.09' N 020° 42.79' E
Vliho und Nidri - Tracks from Live Scores
After Lefkada we go again after Vlilho and then meet there Bernd from the Second Live in the Vliho Yacht Club. The charter yachts are now set back to the pontoons in April, there are only a little cruising yachts on the way, Also the place Nidri is gearing up for the season to start.

For the last time in Lefkada - City Pier More

08.04.2014 Sonne 19°C 10 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
For the last time in Lefkada - City Pier  - Tracks from Live Scores
At the town pier in Lefkada it is now full, the season starts in 2014. We go shopping again briefly and meet our friends. After two days we make our way to Vliho, where we meet more friends and then we want to leave Lefkas. As at the northern entrance we dredged in the channel to the south. Even the garbage dump next to the city on the channel is now well covered and closed, at least it looks like.

Back into the water / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza More

07.04.2014 Sonne 19°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 57.09' N 020° 45.69' E
Back into the water / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza  - Tracks from Live Scores
After 6 days on land, we are a day early finish and can as early as Monday back into the water. The antifouling is repainted the hull polished, replaced all seacocks and a grounding plate is installed. Mondays at 1200 clock is the date for launching is. The crane truck comes and goes for the Praslin Travel-lift, as the die faces are still painted with Antifouing and bottom of the keel is still deleted, then it goes back into the water. Check all seacocks and then start the machine, everything works and is tight, and so we say goodbye to the shipyard, which can only recommend and go short at the town pier in Preveza. In the afternoon we drive to Lefkada and go there on the town pier. ( )

On shore / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza More

05.04.2014 Sonne 18°C 9 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 57.09' N 020° 45.69' E
On shore / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza - Tracks from Live Scores
The Praslin get new antifouling, new seacocks and more. In the yard is driving rain, to many ships being worked on. The charter company Sunsail and Morrings here are now all be prepared for the 2014 season with a large number of yachts. This is almost always of Roberston / Caine Morrings / Sunsail for monohulls and also catamarans - waiting for Leopard Catamarans come addition to the small yachts are also larger yachts and commercial vessels. The yard has a 50 tons travel lift and a 300 tons travel lift, with the big ferries can then be placed on land here as an example hydrofoil. The yard has power to appoint a well-stocked ship merchant who has many are in stock or at short notice first parts, which was what we needed everything in stock and priced very reasonable. WE CAN ONLY SHARE THE SHIPYARD. There is also a technical department that offers all repairs around ships. ( )

Out of the water / CLEOPATRA Marina - Preveza More

01.04.2014 Sonne 17°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 57.09' N 020° 45.69' E
After 4 months in the Lefkas - Marina in Lefkada our time is off on 31 March and we went on 1.4 in the yard - CLEOPATRA Marina - Engaged to come out of the water. The travel lift time is 0900 clock in the morning and so we leave on March 31 at 1300 clock and sail most of the time under sails the 8 sm to Preveza. Overnight we anchor in front of the yard , just before 0900 on April 1, we drive to the Travel Box, where we are already expected. The team speaks German and English so all this is pretty simple. The travel lift over the ship and the straps Quick is placed on the right position. Crane starts and the Praislin stands out from the water. After about two years and 4 months in the water standing in the marina is something natural growth on the hull , with the high-pressure cleaning the hull on the whole is then be clean then . With the truck tractor then goes to the parking lot where the Praslin is placed on a pedestal . Now, some days off work started. ( )

Fleamarket at the Marina Lefkas More

29.03.2014 Sonne 22°C 5 kt S Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
At the end of our stay in Lefkada there is a flea market in the marina. In the area of ​​building a patio is where there is also the common room of the crussing sailors. Saturday around 14:00 clock starts the market and so should run for 3 hours. There are stalls is built, we also offer this and so that and a demand exists. Some establishments from the area offer complimentary wine, and want to draw attention also to your restaurant or her bar. At the end of the day all seem to be satisfied buyers as well as sellers. ( )

Dredging at the northern entrance to Lefkas More

23.03.2014 Sonne 22°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
After about 30 years the northern entrance of Lefkas is dredged. The fairway has become increasingly narrower and shallower over the years. Now, the 300 m long sand dune is to be reduced by half. According to a local resident was 30 years ago here no sand dune. The mainland side is really rocky, but here more and more bogged down as the sand beach is now created.

Carnival in Lefkada More

04.03.2014 Sonne 15°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
Even in the week we see something outside of Lefkada carnival cars, and so we go for the weekend in the city and look at a piece of ancient Greek Carnival on. It is many people have come to see the parade.

Snow and sun in Greece More

18.02.2014 Sonne 16°C 12 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
It is now Febuary and the sun shines in Lefkas. In Hintergrung on the mountains still covered with snow, you can see the white peaks. The north wind is still quite cold, the wind shifts to the south directions is it warmer. We are working on the ship and the preparations for the shipyard stay on.
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