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30.08.2018 Sonne 28°C 8 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 24.25' N 001° 34.01' W
La Azohía - Aguilas - Tracks from Live Scores
We leave the quiet anchorage of La Azohía in light eastern winds with the destination Aguilas. From 10:00 clock comes mostly a little wind and we can sail. There is still a anchorage 5 nm before Aguilas, which we do not stop there, then is just before Aguilas still a fish farm near the coast which is marked with yellow bouys. In the late afternoon we drop the anchor in the eastern part of the bay of Aguilas.

La Avispa - La Azohía More

26.08.2018 Sonne 29°C 8 kt W Actuell Position : 37° 33.20' N 001° 10.32' W
La Avispa - La Azohía - Tracks from Live Scores
La Avispa is located in the outer bay of Cartagena on the west side. The anchorage is mostly sand and there are some small sandy beaches, but no type of development exists. In the big bay are also large commercial vessels, mostly tankers. In eastern or southeast winds the place is well protected. High up on the mountain are several fortresses (Batería del Atalayón, Batería de Castillitos, Batería de Jorel) which can be reached on foot via a beaten track.
The wind should turn east again and so we drive the 5 nm around the mountains to La Azohía.

Cartagena - La Avispa More

23.08.2018 Sonne 33°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 37° 33.16' N 001° 07.54' W
Cartagena - La Avispa - Tracks from Live Scores
In Club Regatas de Cartagena there is a large washing machine (15 kg) which we use several times. We fill up our supplies like food, gas or water. Then the ship once basic cleaning, the Saharan dust of a good two months go. Cruise ships are at the outer pier during the day, so there is a lot of activity in the city during the day, and then it gets quieter in the evening. On the last day we visit another museum. On the last day we leave at noon, drive under machine out of the harbor and set sail. The anchorage is just 8 nautical miles, the wind comes from the southwest and we can sail. In the big bay some commercial ships (tankers) are anchored, we go in the back corner and lay down in front of a small beach. There are already a few yachts here. ( )

La Azohía - Cartagena More

20.08.2018 Sonne 32°C 5 kt E Actuell Position : 37° 35.82' N 000° 59.04' W
La Azohía - Cartagena - Tracks from Live Scores
The anchorage here in La Azohia is now quiet in summer and mostly visited by yachts in transit. On land there is a small supermarket and various bars and restaurants. Also, many day anchor boats are here. After more than a week at anchor in La Azohia, we have to think of bunkering drinking water. After Cartagena, there are only 12 nautical miles and we go with little wind now times with the machine. In Cartagena we go to the yacht club on the jetty. Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena:
Yachts 12 m 24 € / day in high season
including tax / water / electricity / WIFI
( )

Mazarrón - La Azohía More

14.08.2018 Sonne 30°C 5 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 33.20' N 001° 10.32' W
Mazarrón - La Azohía - Tracks from Live Scores
The anchorage is located between some reefs and in the morning a southwest wind comes up so we anchor. It's only 3 nautical miles to the other end of the bay, and we cross something and arrive in La Azohia after an hour of sailing. Here are some yachts at anchor and the reason is fine sand, we lie down in the field.

Aguilas - Mazarrón More

13.08.2018 Sonne 31°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 34.02' N 001° 15.28' W
Aguilas - Mazarrón - Tracks from Live Scores
After a few days in Aguilas we drive a bit to the east. The wind comes from the southwest today which is rare in the current season and we can sail. However, the wind strength at around 10 knots (19 km / h) and the aft direction is not much. We set the gennaker and we drive with a good 5 knots. In the late afternoon we are in Mazarrón and drop anchor in front of the village.

Molinos de Aguilas - old windmill More

25.07.2018 Sonne 31°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 37° 24.25' N 001° 34.01' W
Directly over the bay "Bahia de Levante" is a (Molino de Sagrera) of two windmills that were once operated as flour mills. By the sea wind, the windmills were operated. Today, both are restored, the second is about 1 km to the west. From wind forces of 20 kt, the covered wings still turn today. At the windmill is a viewing platform from which one has a beautiful view over the bay and the port of Aguilas.


12.07.2018 Sonne 27°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 24.25' N 001° 34.01' W
In the "Bahia de Levante" in Aguilas is located next to the fishing port and a yacht club with Marina (CLUB NÁUTICO DE ÁGUILAS). The marina has a gas station and a slipway. The moorings are occupied by club members, guest seats are not available or if only a few and with shallow draft. In the summer months, a sailing school is active on the club grounds, offering various courses for children and teens and using the bay as a training ground. There is also a diving school in the marina. ( )

Aguilas railway More

06.07.2018 Sonne 31°C 12 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 24.25' N 001° 34.01' W
In Spain, the rail network is much smaller than in the rest of Europe and so it is not common that a place with 30,000 inhabitants has a rail and train station. Anguilas is already an exception and the reason is in the past, when around 1870 the ore mines led the area to economic recovery and the iron ore was transported by rail. From these years, the railway network was built and expanded as well as the loading bridge in Anguilas to load the ore on ships. Today the station is still used for people trains to Murcia. There is also a small museum about the expansion and the dismantling up to the present time.

Carboneras - Aguilas More

13.06.2018 Sonne 27°C 8 kt SSW Actuell Position : 37° 24.32' N 001° 34.58' W
Carboneras - Aguilas - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning wait for wind, which starts around 10 o'clock, then anchor and set sail. It is about 30 nautical miles to Aguilas. The wind stops short of the target, then it gets weaker and weaker. Four nautical miles off Aguilas is a new fish farm in the sea, and here are some dolphins. In the late afternoon the anchor falls.
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