Rigid inflatable boat (RIB) as a dinghy with PVC tubes More

08.02.2014 Sonne 18°C 8 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
We have referred to as a dinghy boat with a solid hull, a RIB as a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). The boat is equipped with PVC tubes that are solar radiation (UV) very quickly porous and leaky. It begins with the PVC starts to stick, and that starts after a short time (1-2 years). To get protection against the dissolution of the PVC tubing we sew a cover of the awning fabric is then mounted as possible to fit firmly on the dinghy. Abutting edges, corners and statements are trimmed with faux leather.

Earthquake in Greece - 6,1 More

26.01.2014 Wolken 9°C 23 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 27.0' N 020° 45.99' E
Earthquake in Greece near Lefkas. The tremors were clearly felt and the floor was moving for a few seconds. 2014-01-26 15:59:26 - Strength 4.7 - 38.39°N 20.20°E - 10 km Tief Greece, Lefkas 2014-01-26 15:24:10 - Strength 4.6 - 38.29°N 20.18°E - 48 km Tief Greece, Lefkas 2014-01-26 15:22:02 - Strength 4.0 - 38.43°N 20.18°E - 10 km Tief Greece, Lefkas 2014-01-26 15:08:41 - Strength 4.8 - 38.25°N 20.27°E - 10 km Tief Greece, Lefkas 2014-01-26 15:55:44 - Strength 6.1 - 38.27°N 20.46°E - 12 km Tief Greece, Lefkas ( )

December in Lefkada - Greece More

29.12.2013 Sonne 10°C 5 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
The end of December in Lefkas still pleasant temperatures. It is sometimes cloudy, but there are also some days with sunshine. Also in December, yachts go, even if only a few. We ride a bike across the causeway and floating bridge and around Lafkada. At the entrance to Lefkas floats are also still on the road in December.

Ports of entry Greece More

20.12.2013 Sonne 12°C 8 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
Adhamas (Milos) (Cyclades), Ayios Nikolaos (Crete), Alexandroupolis (Northern Greece), Argostoli (Cephalonia) (lonian), Corinth (Gulf of Corinth), Dhafni (Khalkidhiki) (Northern Greece), Ermoüpolis (Siros) (Cyclades), Gaios (Paxoí) (lonian), Glifada (Attic Coast), lgoumenitsa (lonian), lraklion (Crete), ltéa (Gulf of Corinth), Kalamata (Peloponnisos), Kali Limenes (Crete), Katakólon (Peloponnisos), Kavala (Northern Greece), Kérkira (Corfu) (lonian), Khalkis (Evia Channel), Khania (Crete), Khíos (Eastern Sporades), Kós (Dodecanese), Lavrion (Saronic Gulf), Levkas (lonian), Mikonos (Cyclades), Mirina (Limnos) (Eastern Sporades), Mitilíni (Lésvos) (Eastern Sporades), Navplion (Argollc Gulf), Patmos (Dodecanese), Patras (Gulf of Patras), Pilos (Western Peloponnisos), Plthagorion (Samos) (Eastern Sporades), Preveza (lonian), Rethimno (Crete), Rhodes (Dodecanese), Sami(Cephalonia) (lonian), Simi (Dodecanese), Sitia (Crete)

From Vliho to Varko Bay More

15.11.2013 Sonne 18°C 8 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 45.79' N 020° 48.19' E
Once the solar cells are mounted, we drive the 7 nm to mainland in the Bay Varko. After Vliho we pass Nidri and on the starboard side the island Skorpio. Under sail, it goes on and towards afternoon we anchor for a few days alone in the bay. The new solar panels work well and the current budget is already better. We are still more cells Install later.

Solar cells More

11.11.2013 Sonne 16°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 38° 40.89' N 020° 42.0' E
Electricity comes from the socket:. Yes it is often, but not on ships, and not by itself. The current must be "produced". With the engine having a generator or by solar cells. All variants have their pros and cons. We have had good experience with solar panels and want to grow some of them again. The prices have fallen sharply in recent years / months and so we ordered 2 Monokristaline cells with 130 W by prices for 1 EURO / Watt than the current solar more economically than is, 4 years ago we were still at 5 EURO / watt. The two cells we have installed on our short Bimini and connected via a regulator to the battery. ( )

Lefkada to Vliho More

07.11.2013 Sonne 17°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 38° 40.89' N 020° 42.0' E
The power supply is on yachts always an issue. I we have been twice 130 W solar panels barely enough energy on board. To get some more, we ordered two more solar panels, and now come to Vliho to the yacht club there. We make our way of Lefkada in the Bay of Vliho, just 12 nautical miles. The bay is well and safe and we are waiting for the delivery. In the afternoon, we go ashore and find the pier under water and also a few classic cars parked in the garden. ( )

Lefkada - Lefkas More

02.11.2013 Sonne 21°C 8 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
After a few days in the Bay we drive to Lefkada. We are a few days at the town pier and are otherwise at anchor. The harbor promenade adjusts to winter and there are all the tables and chairs of the restaurants are gone. Many charter boats are now on land or placed in the shipyards on land.

Varko Bay on the mainland More

25.10.2013 Sonne 25°C 2 kt Actuell Position : 38° 45.79' N 020° 48.19' E
We like it particularly well in the bay Varko. We are alone, the water is clean and we can still, even though it's already the middle of October, go swimming. After a few days this fish lives with us at the ship. He has scared away all other fish. Only if doing something pushes him out the curiosity. We lure him with a teaspoon of the images to make. It is small, but still looks dangerous. Night passes over to us the bells of the goats. You may still roam free and come to the beach. The few cottages are abandoned. We can imagine that in the summer it can be very nice too.

Preveza Cleopatra shipyard More

16.10.2013 Sonne 24°C 12 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 57.9' N 020° 45.69' E
We are Preveza at anchor. There are three more ships at anchor here. With the dinghy we drive into the village and moor at the town pier. There are only a few ships here and at the pier are few yachts. The place is also little operation, many shops are closed. We stay only briefly here.
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