Lefkada to Preveza More

14.10.2013 Sonne 22°C 12 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 57.9' N 020° 45.69' E
From Lefkas Preveza and we are going to want there at the shipyards ask what the erneurn of underwater paint (antifouling) costs and what the possibilities are. First we have to pass the channel in Lefkas and drive through the swing bridge that opens on the day on the hour. The exit in the Ionian Sea is quite narrow and you should stay within the fairway, next to it is right flat. In Preveza are three shipyards, the Cleopatra Marine, the Ionion Marine and the Aktio Marine.

Vliho - Sail Ionien More

06.10.2013 Sonne 24°C 12 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 40.99' N 020° 41.89' E
Charter vessels are not to be overlooked in the Ionian Sea, from April to October many are traveling anywhere. In Vliho is also a charter base in the Bay but only one. Sail Ionian is an english company which opperaed round 30 yachts, mostly Bavaria and Hanse. The fleet consists of about 50% newer yachts, especially the Bavaria Cruiser32 to the Bavaria Cruiser50. Some special models are also in the fleet. In the future Ionia Sail plans to expand into the Caribbean, and stand there in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Union, Island) as Sail Grenadines. ( )

Vliho More

02.10.2013 Sonne 25°C 7 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 40.89' N 020° 42.0' E
The Bay of Vliho, a completely closed bay, safe as rare, but no movement in the water, no wave, nothing. In exchange, but also no clean water, and giant jellyfish swimming around in the bay. But also good internet and pretty quickly. You can mess with a dinghy everywhere. Also the yacht alone leave for a day or longer is not a problem. Only in severe thunderstorms, we had one, then it can happen to anyone going ships to drift, but on most ships is the Yacht Club careful Vliho and then work on that.

Scooter tour Lefkas More

28.09.2013 Sonne 27°C 6 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 40.89' N 020° 42.0' E
Let us look at the island of Lefkas times from land. In Nidri we hire for 12 euros per day a scooter, including everything. We also get a helmet each, which is not really common here in Lefkas, all go here with moped, scooter or motorcycle without a helmet. first we drive to Lefkada and from there towards Preveza. At Preveza airport over to the shipyards, Kleoprata, shareholders and Ionia yards. We look at the shipyards and are impressed by what we see rarely seen such a tidy yard. then we go back to Lefkas, and make a small tour of the island, which also until shortly before the summit (1200 m high) brings us, then back down at the height of sea level. At dawn we are at 7 hr ride back to the boat.

Lefkada to Vliho More

21.09.2013 Sonne 25°C 10 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 40.89' N 020° 42.0' E
We need water, our tanks are almost empty. On Friday we had the idea at the gas station and a little water to diesel bunkers, but that was nothing. Saturday change the charter ships, the crew what that means Friday afternoon all come back to the harbor, and they all want - need to refuel. That was at a gas station, hustle, applied 20 yachts and 20 still waiting position, you have to not do that to yourself, now a day later, everything is empty. We go in peace alongside and get fuel, water and the ship can also wash off with water. Then it goes on to Vliho 10 nm, where we want to meet a friend, we have seen most recently in Venezuela in 2005. With little wind and engine support, we are around 1500 clock in the closed bay of Vliho and let the anchor fall at 6 m depth. Bernd has also recognized us and come visit us later.

Kerkyla to Lefkas More

19.09.2013 Sonne 22°C 17 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 49.89' N 020° 42.69' E
Kerkyla to Lefkas - Tracks from Live Scores
We arrived in Lafkada middle of the night, now in the morning you can see everything better. Yet we are moored in front of the place. At the town pier some places become available around noon, and we embarrassed ourselves at times of the pier. It's nice just to go ashore without dinghy, but there are also disadvantages, the neighbors are close by, and come by and go to the pier, it comes despite fender to touch, light or heavy. It is partly a crush on or in store. We stay one night then it is too much, and we go a bit further at anchor, so you have space and tranquility. There are many bars and restaurants in town, there is living in Lefada-Lefkas.

Corfu - Kerkyla More

16.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 8 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 36.79' N 019° 55.59' E
Corfu - Kerkyla - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we have another 12 nautical miles from us, we want to Kerkyla the main town of Corfu. We pass Albania and pass a buoy standing on stilts. We could sail a large part of the route in light winds also, though not very fast. Before place some cruise ships are at a pier and anchor. After the fortress of Kerkyla is a small bay in which to anchor, there are also some yachts there. We make clear the dinghy and go ashore.

Arrive in Corfu More

15.09.2013 Sonne 28°C 6 kt WNW Actuell Position : 39° 47.19' N 019° 56.1' E
After a night at sea and Delpine the morning we drive the rest to the anchorage under sail, even if little wind. First, we wanted the first island Othonoi start, but as we arrive early in the morning in Corfu, we decide to go further and to lie at anchor in the Bay Vroulias.

Crotone - Corfu Dolphin More

14.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 8 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 46.5' N 019° 25.09' E
Crotone - Corfu Dolphin - Tracks from Live Scores
Early in the morning, just before Corfu accompanied us an adult dolphin, he is alone what we have not experienced before. Normally, they always come in packs. He enjoys the spray of water from the bow and lay down on the side to get a massage on his belly. Even dolphins know what is good ....!

Crotone More

13.09.2013 Sonne 27°C 6 kt WNW Actuell Position : 39° 04.29' N 017° 08.29' E
We fill up again in Crotone 60 liters of diesel, we are very much driven by machine here. Prior to the place on the day the rigs well to recognize what is at night sometimes difficult. The marina is at any rate in great condition, the station is complete with marble steps, and everything looks pretty new. The following morning we will start quite early, it should be something northerly wind.
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