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12.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 04.5' N 017° 08.1' E
Siracusa leaving - Tracks from Live Scores
After about three weeks in the bay of Syracuse we make ourselves back on track . In the morning we pull anchor and go under the engine out of the bay . The dinghy is stowed away on the foredeck , the safety lines lie on the deck and everything is clear for a longer cruise. We drive ca40 ° , northeast and coarse goal is Corfu, or a place on the course , depending on weather conditions and how we move forward. After 2 hours, motor drive, we try sailing, but this is slow and at times not feasible to little wind. It is also the night light winds . On the afternoon of the following day we see a storm front coming our way , then the wind also increases sharply , reaches to 40 kt and it rains , it pours better . Since the storm was indeed to see, we were able to advance the sails reefed ( make smaller ) and so the 40 kt were not a problem, however, even after rain and clouds are gone , the wind still good at 30 kt and seas always continues to . We decide to go sailing with little to Crotone , which are about 15 nm and close in just over 2 hours, even if it is dark then . The entrance is large , are only rig on our course . The islands have navigation lights that light up in the manner of Morse code , here is the metro ( short - short - long). We are at anchor before the town , there is no wind and no wave here .

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10.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 12 kt N Actuell Position : 37° 03.39' N 015° 16.99' E
Syracuse is located in the south of Sicily and is therefore like a port of the so-called " boat people " on the Africa - so come Libya, Tunisia and Algeria to Europe. At first we did not understand the scenario on land, with some Coast Guard vessels, Uniformed ashore, with tent and lots of people and cars. From our anchorage was made ​​not to recognize what was going on. When, two days later the whole expired again, we had a guess, which was then confirmed by a friend and did it in more detail. Every week in the summer two to three boats in Syracuse where board between 200 and 500 refugees. In the autumn, spring and winter when the wind picks up , the crossing is not always harmless. Boats moored here will arrive at a pier, waiting for scrapping. Previously they sold the boats. But it turned out that exactly these boats were sold back to Africa only to be used for the same purpose again.

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07.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 37° 03.39' N 015° 16.99' E
Syracuse is a very old place that has already been conquered by many peoples and kept quite long. The old town itself is located on a peninsula that were once divided by a wide strait that today there are only round 20 m separates the old town from the mainland. However, the old town has its own fresh water wells, making the island could always take care of herself. The well is still there and the water still runs well. Surrounded by a city wall are many old buildings, some built by the Greeks, temples available. The Romans later reconstructed the temple in churches, but the pillars of the temple are still visible well today. Within the old town is a street market. There are few tourists in Syracuse and mostly Italians.

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04.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 8 kt NW Actuell Position : 37° 03.39' N 015° 16.99' E
The Bay: The anchorage is safe from all directions, the activation is buoyed in the bay, on the northern peninsula is a green and a red beacon on the south. But WARNING: outside in the amount of old Syracuse is a reef without any labeling, even though in the charts a buoy is located. The Marina: In the northeastern corner is a marina "Marina Yachting Siracusa" with floating pontoons. Next to the Marina is also a petrol station on the pier and the pumps are in metal cabinets, this is not to recognize the station at first glance. Another is located further north in a one piece, connected by a channel with the bay, but only passable dinghy. The other marina we used by locals, is the entrance from the sea. The town pier: After the entrance to the bay, north comes first, the Coast Guard "guardia costiera", begins directly after the town pier. At its northern end are temporarily on cruise ships, otherwise the town pier is free for a few days. Is applied to the rear, ie, bow anchor and stern lines (Roman Catholic). However you should make the weather, with westerly winds, it can be uncomfortable.

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01.09.2013 Sonne 29°C 12 kt N Actuell Position : 37° 03.49' N 015° 42.81' E
Food: Market Street is parallel to the canal on the Old Town and is open daily in the morning. There are mainly fresh life Mittal offered, East - vegetables - fish and Sicilian specialties. Anywhere else in the city, there are small grocery stores. There are also some major discount stores, such as Carrefour, German, Lidl, Famila, Euros or spin Camor and to name a few. Of the marina from the larger can be reached by bicycle. Mostly you can see from the anchor box, select the name already. In the west of the bay is a small wooden bridge which belongs to a camp for sport boats and on the web you can moor the dinghy through the boat bearing go (we have the owner asked if the OC had to mess with the on your dock) and then go on the road to the right, about 500 meters comes first Lidl, then the other. Carrefour and EUR spin are slightly further away. Ship chandlers: which leads to the Via Malta, the one-way street in the old center is about 300 m from the canal bridge Nautic a small shop that has some already, eg Campingaz. In the marina whose entrance from the outside, there is a shop motors, Volvo Penta and Yanmar. The canal is still a shop, however, is designed more for clothing.

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29.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 8 kt WNW Actuell Position : 37° 03.69' N 015° 17.29' E
Siracusa - Sicily - Italy - Tracks from Live Scores
This included a panoramic view of the city from the bay-

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28.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 6 kt WNW Actuell Position : 37° 17.4' N 015° 11.7' E
Wind comes so around 14:00 clock again and we raise the anchor to continue to drive under sail south. Close to shore, you pass the airport and reach around 17:00 clock a anchorage near the town of Augusta. It smells strongly of refinery, which is not surprising, since Augusta, there are several. North of Etna is still in the haze visible.

Naxos to the south - Sicily - Italy More

27.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 6 kt WNW Actuell Position : 37° 29.19' N 015° 05.49' E
Naxos to the south - Sicily - Italy - Tracks from Live Scores
The weather forecast has predicted for tomorrow wind from the east, and in the afternoon then decreasing from the south. So tomorrow we are quite early on (05:00 clock) and want to go to the Sunrise to the south. We have more light wind from NE but we can sail. Around 11:00 clock the wind completely asleep so the machines we ride we drop after 1 hour around 12:30 clock in Catania, the anchor.

Strait of Messina from the north entrance - Italy More

26.08.2013 Sonne 29°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 37° 49.59' N 015° 16.29' E
Strait of Messina from the north entrance - Italy - Tracks from Live Scores
We are the Straits of Messina in the north anchor near the village of Scilly. In the Strait of Messina is a flow that should be the weakest, 4.5 hours after high tide Gibraltar. We have searched stream cards, but found nothing for the yachting sector. In a nutshell, there is much written and spoken about it, but then what exactly we could not find out. The flow is due to the different sea Tyrenischen between the sea and the Ionian Sea to be about 50 cm. Around 10:00 clock we pull the anchor and go next to the traffic separation zone on the mainland side of the road to the south one, we then want to stash diesel in a marina. Over the Strait of Messina led a high-voltage line with a span of 3000 meters between the two towers, which belonged to one of the largest worldwide and since vessels flying the line should run through, the line had to be very high (about 100 m distance to the water ) then what on the Sicilian side to a very high power led mast (238 m). The mast is from a distance by its red - good to see white paint. On the mainland side is also a similar mast, but on a small mountain and so this is not quite as high of look like her. The lines were dismantled late 90 as it is now an underwater cable which Sicily powered. When we are in the height of the masts we have 2 knots current against us. the water in Strait of Messina is moved, you can see well, cable water everywhere, and if you transit there, then mostly changes which, after some time also changes with us the power, now we have 3 kn ride with us and with good 8 knots through the Strait of Messina.

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25.08.2013 Sonne 29°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 12.0' N 015° 36.3' E
In the Strait of Messina is for commercial vessels, a traffic separation scheme, which means there is a road to the north of the mainland, and a road to the south on the Sicilian side and in the middle is a "green belt" that should not be traveled. Some are made ​​of tons, it is shown in the charts. Then there is a (many) ferries between San Giovanni (mainland) and Messina (Sicily), in addition to car ferries and passenger ferries and train ferries are traveling to then the boats cross the North / South and to then fishing boats and we with the yachts. So that now there is no confusion in the area of ​​a ferry roundabout is set up, as compared with cars but just for ships. Between all the ships we go through further south. After we set sail roundabout and drive about 4 nm to the filling station. Arrived at the marina, we learn that the gas station is closed and there is no diesel until further notice. So go out again and as we have wind, set sail and sail across Southeast course on the Sicilian side. In the evening the wind clock around 1800 falls asleep and we go to press on. Around 22:00 clock we reach the anchor bay of Naxos, here are some yachts anchored, some with anchor light partially also totally in the dark. We moored at 14 m water depth and we have slight swell.
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