On the mainland to the Strait of Messina More

24.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 15.09' N 015° 42.49' E
On the mainland to the Strait of Messina - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we start again towards Strait of Messina. Yesterday we passed on floating container ships, several of which are still on the road today. The drive ships to anchor here because it is just too deep (about 1000 m), and so here are some great ships on speech, which all want the big container terminal, we sm happen after a good 10 to port. Most container ships are the shipping company (MSC Mediterain Shipping Company), an Italian shipping company based in Switzerland. On the mainland side of an anchorage is drawn into the card, which is located just outside the town and Scilla we drive. Shortly before Scilla we make the machine and drive the rest of engine, and also we get to talk to feel the flow that prevails in the Strait of Messina, we drive part only 2.5 kt. Also, the anchorage is moved by the flow and there are still other yachts here. ( )

Stromboli - to the mainland More

23.08.2013 Sonne 27°C 4 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 36.79' N 015° 50.19' E
Stromboli - to the mainland - Tracks from Live Scores
Stromboli is an active volcano that you can climb up the afternoon with a guide to the crater, about 1200 m high, and it goes up in serpentines, so about 4 hours to get up then. In the dark, you can sometimes see the red lava. Then the descent is started from 20:00 clock, which is faster. We sit in the cockpit and see flashlights coming down the mountain, there is a chain of lights. We did not go ashore, the anchorage does not invite you to leave the yacht and we want to continue. The following morning we come to anchor on target with the entrance of the Strait of Messina. It's light wind from the wrong direction, from the front. We change slightly the course and create a new destination that fits better to the wind and is on the mainland of Italy. In the late afternoon we arrive at a small bay at Cape Faro Capo Vaticano with sandy beach and many tourists here we stay overnight.

Stromboli - Aeolian Islands - Italy More

22.08.2013 Sonne 29°C 6 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 48.39' N 015° 14.79' E

Stromboli - Aeolian Islands - Italy - Tracks from Live Scores
Morning at 09:00 clock we left the anchorage on the island of Vulcano, with the aim of Stromboli, an island and even a volcano. First we drive to machine Lipari past, is on the northeast side or pumice was mined. Between Lipari and Stromboli are peculiar smaller and larger island and the islands yachts are traveling a lot, mostly charter yachts. From midday we can sail and then come around 16:00 clock at Stromboli at 17:30 clock and throw the anchor on the southeast side of the volcano on 10 m Wassertiefe.Allerdings not hold the anchor here and we want him to pull back, but the last 8 m of chains including anchor do not want to be lifting. The armature has captured on the seabed which! Next, check to make clear and goggles. The seabed here at the volcano's black and it's hard thing to realize, but you can see large concrete blocks and a tangle of ropes, cables, and wires are slightly up on the ground or swimming. All remnants of a buoy field which was here once and apparently was not profitable. We are building a leash with a chain sling and put the noose around our anchor chain necklace. Then move the chain where the anchor is lifted from the ground, then the chains loop around the anchor and mooring the tow line to deck. Then let out anchor chain and the anchor was already free. We go 100 m and let the anchor fall again and this time holding the anchor. The anchorage at Stromboli is completely open sea, no cover. Only in good weather anchor is possible here tonight are about 40 m yachts here in the open sea.

Vulcano - Lipari - Aeolian Islands - Italy More

21.08.2013 Sonne und Wolken 29°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 28.2' N 014° 57.39' E
Vulcano - Lipari - Aeolian Islands - Italy - Tracks from Live Scores
From the anchorage, the western Vulcano can be easily observed and the active volcano when the wind blows from the south, then you came to the volcano also smell good, then the smell of sulfur spreading in the bay. Even with the eye of yellowish sulfur can be made out on the crater rim. Besides Vulcano Stromboli is the second active volcano at the Literary islands. At noon we drive under power to Lipari, but before the site is a high wave and we decide to turn back and anchor back into the western bay on Vulcano. In the afternoon it is fully in the bay. We still get our opinion a good anchorage at 6.5 m depth. Then we arrive the day before clouds and wind on, it could also rain again. But before the rain, the wind always comes first, and then you should be on board. When the wind sets in, then the ships are easy to recognize, m simply have to drop their anchor and good. These ships then usually go on tour. Initially, in Italy we were wondering about the yachts that always had the fenders at the railing on the anchorage, and now we can tell by the ships going to drift. Something Port of us is a Bavaria 46 on the way aft, and then hits a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 We sit in the cockpit and watch what's to come and also see the back and forth of the two crews behind us. Then the wind decreases slowly, drop a few drops of rain and the situation normalized, this time we have been lucky.

Aeolian Islands, Italy, north of Sicily - Thunderstorms and Rain More

20.08.2013 Wolken, Gewitter und Sonne 27°C 4 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 25.2' N 014° 57.09' E
Aeolian Islands, Italy, north of Sicily - Thunderstorms and Rain - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we start at Cabo de Orlande, target the Literary islands and the island of Vulcano there first. In the north of Volcano, there are two anchorages. In light wind machine at times we drive today. Also it is very Hazy. Around 1500 we clock out of the reach and Vulkano, gray clouds become mist are correct and then mutters on, a storm is brewing. We do talk a precaution all hatches and then comes the rain already, after about two months, the first rain. It really gets water from above. We have now arrived in the western bay and cast anchor the first time in the rain, we are good times for now. After an hour, the rain is over and we go up again to anchor and ride in the East Bay. Once in the other bay, we see a lot of ships, all of which are on buoys, anchors is only possible on 20m deep or more, so that we make back into the western bay on the way and then 40 minutes later as the anchor on 9 to drop m water depth. In the evening, light rain is again called for.

Sankt Agata di Militello, Italy - Sicily More

18.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 5 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 04.39' N 014° 37.39' E
Sankt Agata di Militello, Italy - Sicily - Tracks from Live Scores
On the way to the Aeolian island we make a stop in St. Agata di Militello, a small town with few tourists. First, we notice that the pier is much longer and larger than on our charts. There are 200 meters or more, and everything looks pretty new. We are the last hour of machine down because the wind has passed, now we go to the pier and throw around at 7 m water depth the anchor in the huge harbor, which, however, is still open to the NE. Here in the harbor are further 5 yachts. In the rear part are dozens of small boats, buoys at all, and there is a taxi service, the owners brought their boats to the water taxi and picked up again by the pier. With the dinghy ashore and we want to go to the taxi dock and bind to our dinghy at the pier next to the taxi boats. Here at the pier are also other concrete blocks, which are thought to harbor extension. We go to the site and find the supermarket and get there bread and water. On the way home we do not stop in the Tropical Bar, where we meet some nice Sicilian.

Cefalu eastward, Italy - Sicily More

17.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 6 kt NNE Actuell Position : 38° 01.59' N 014° 08.59' E
Cefalu eastward, Italy - Sicily - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we start from Cefalu. Are already all other boats are gone that were here. It is slightly windy and we head north to get some distance from the land, but the wind is expected from. We we try some but it will not go ahead so right. When we are closer to shore we see some yachts lying on a headland. We lay next to it and be quiet here and stay overnight. At night, only a RIB boat in the bay, and have set up a sort of tent over their boat. The following morning it goes on, the wind is more of the direction her but weak. In the afternoon we drive 8 nm under Machine and reach around 1800 clock de Santa Agata Militello where we drop anchor behind the breakwater.

Termini Imerese to Cefalu More

14.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 5 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 02.29' N 014° 02.19' E
After a peaceful night we start the following morning against 0900 clock of Termini Imerese. Today we want to Cefalu. There a light breeze from the northwest and sail with all we are progressing slowly. Besides the great harbor of Termini Imerese is a long dock for tankers that supply the power plant on land with fuel. The Mole is fired at night and good to erkennen.Am late afternoon we reached Cefalu and drive the rest around the town under machine. As we round the pier we see lots of boats, decorated and full of passengers, we anchor in the midst of the many ships. The anchor is fixed just because launching a fireworks and all ships are set in motion, there is a procession to water, which just starts here. Later, when it's already dark then all come back into the harbor bay.

Palermo to east More

13.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 5 kt NW Actuell Position : 37° 59.19' N 013° 42.99' E
Palermo to east - Tracks from Live Scores
After our visit to Palermo, we want to continue to the east, next target are the Aeolian islands just to the north on the other side (northeast) of Sicily lie. The forecast assumes little northerly wind, so it will be short distances which we can sail. It is as predicted, a little less, and we go to Termini Imerese, a harbor with a huge Hafenbecklen in which we all alone lying down. A piece next to the harbor is a large pier that is for a power plant and where to add oil tankers. Right on the shore runs the railway, the trains run on the day and also at night.

Palermo More

12.08.2013 Sonne 35°C 6 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 07.09' N 013° 22.29' E
It is now mid-August and it's hot in Sicily, especially no or very little wind and the heat is still available. We still want to watch Palermo. With the bus line 139 we drive from Arenella directly to Central Station "station Centale". At the station you are in the middle of Palermo. We provide an information kiosk at a map and make our own on the way. To start, we come to the market street, here is everything offerings, fruit, vegetables, meat, sausage, cheese, fish, klimbim, drop everything and the market is large. Then we pass one of the Great Fountain, then the Quattro Canti, and then we are back in small side streets. We get a cold drink and rest in the shade of a moment. Next door is a house for sale, looks totally dilapidated, but should cost 350 thousand stands on the sale sign, and then there is another that looks just forfeited the house from the outside, inside it is stable! After about five hours we take the bus line 139 back to Arenella. Tickets are available in all tobacco shop, which are everywhere.
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