Palermo Arenella More

11.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 5 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 08.89' N 013° 22.39' E
Palermo Arenella - Tracks from Live Scores
In a suburb of Palermo there is a small anchor field where you can lie at anchor. Otherwise, the Bay of Palermo is quite open to the north and east. On the pier, which is newly built, a gas station was established. We moored up on the 10 m depth and sandy ground. The following day we make our dinghy clear and wanted time to land and see what there was. With the dinghy we drive to the small marina to a floating dock and from there the place. The first thing that strikes us is the garbage, and speak of it and it smells unique. Not far from the Marina is a bus stop. After a short tour in the suburb of Palermo, we still meet with a pair of sailors from Canada, which also lie at anchor and sit in the bar of the Marina. The two have as Canadians an EU issues, because they are now allowed to stay here only 3 months, then their visa runs out. It used to be separate for each country and each 3 months, which is now very difficult to sail here in the 3 months. If only Turkey or Africa start.

San Vito lo Capo to Pallermo More

10.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 13.69' N 013° 19.5' E
San Vito lo Capo to Pallermo - Tracks from Live Scores
With good internet we stay one day in San Vito lo Capo. In the afternoon slowly sets a threshold here in the bay. This will remain so over the night, and so we start at 0730 clock in the morning on the way to Palermo. There are 15 kt wind from the northwest and a wave of about 2 m from the same direction. So we still continue with reefed sails between 6-7 kt. and in 2 hours we have the great Bay, Golfo di Castellammare crosses, and arrive at Cape Punta Raisi. Here is the airport of Palermo and we can start to see some planes and also land. Again, in addition to Alitalia also Ryanair to see. After 2 1/2 hours we turn south into the Gulf of Palermo. Even a small piece (4 nm), and we have reached the goal for today, with more than 6 kt average speed, go next to the marina of Arenella, a suburb of Palermo, at anchor. ( )

Trapani to Northeast More

08.08.2013 Sonne 34°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 11.7' N 012° 44.1' E
Trapani to Northeast - Tracks from Live Scores
In light southerly winds in the morning we leave Trapani. When we can catch up the anchor the sludge is seen here in the harbor. It helps only a bucket and lots of water to anchor chain and the anchor to free from mud. Still in the harbor area we put the furling main sail, which goes so fast and is also quite easy. On how the pier have circumnavigated we are still running the genoa and already we are sailing to the north. In light winds we walk around the old town of Trapani and sail over to the north. To the mountain village of Erice we pass and can also recognize well as the funicular. In the afternoon we arrive in San Vito lo Capo and anchor on sandy ground in front of the small marina here.

Trapani, Sicily - Arrivals More

01.08.2013 Sonne 33°C 9 kt N Actuell Position : 38° 00.69' N 012° 29.79' E
Trapani, Sicily - Arrivals - Tracks from Live Scores
Coming from Sardinia to Sicily we reach the west side, and in Trapani. Trapani can always be get in, day and night as well in any weather. The entrance to the port area is large boyed and fired. It take many ferries to and from Trapani. Within moles, there are two designated anchoring field. On-site at the Old Town there is a municipal pier, on this you can securely make the dinghy. Supermarkets are far away and only accessible by bike or car. There are also some boat handler in the back of the harbor. Also a hardware store (fai de Te) can be reached by bicycle.

South of Cagliari More

29.07.2013 Sonne 32°C 15 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 06.99' N 009° 31.39' E
South of Cagliari - Tracks from Live Scores
South of Cagliari, we are a beach in the western corner of a large Bucht.Der beach is well frequented and it is a hive of drift ashore. In the corner is a small marina with a gas station. We ask if we can get water, then we put on at the gas station and then stash away about 450 liters of water. For the 450 liters of the Marina will have 15 EURO! This is absolutely top for water, the marina itself should cost 60 EURO / night, but it is not so here, even a steep price. As in Spain, the prices of marinas are completely lifted, here. The result shows that all the bars are empty and only if used by local residents, which certainly have to pay a lower price. We leave the bay around noon and go with a good wind to the south-east corner of Sardinia to make the jump from there to Sicily.

Cagliari harbor - Coast Guard More

26.07.2013 Sonne 34°C 7 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 11.7' N 009° 09.9' E
Cagliari harbor - Coast Guard - Tracks from Live Scores
After a quiet night with no threshold or other waves we make our morning again on the way into town. It's Friday and a lot going on in the city. Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. Afternoon around 1400 clock we are back on board and have everything concerned with what was on our list. We are currently on board, as we see a catamaran, followed by a boat, towards us. We wonder what the two boats going. It clears up a short time later, the catamaran has seen us and wants moored next to us, the boat is a "boat catcher" and had just had no success. "Yacht catcher" is something like a bounty hunter, only the yachts must tear for Marina, then pay the 50, 100, 200 euros per night. In any case eir see that he telephoned after the failure, and we see later with whom! After 1 1/2 hours, the Guardia Costiera (Coast Guard) comes and tells us quite rude, it is not allowed to anchor here. Later, the Italian Guardia Costiera, we will again see how this makes a commercial aufzuprobieren about their image, which appears after what we have seen nothing to be film or not. We go to anchor and go one further bay. ( )

The trip to Cagliari More

24.07.2013 Sonne 34°C 7 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 52.8' N 008° 51.69' E
The trip to Cagliari - Tracks from Live Scores
After a night in Teulada we go tomorrow go 1000 clock anchor on. we have little wind from astern direction. After the first chapter, we pass two bays where there are also some ships. The following chapter then has a Leuchtrum and off the Cape are some rocks in the water, so we keep the distance. Then comes a small cove with a sandy beach. Meanwhile, the wind has completely subsided and we pick up the sail and set us apart from a sailing yacht at anchor. The next morning, light wind comes on so that we can continue to clock in 1100. The wind is getting better and we are making good progress. On the west side of the Bay of Cagliari is a Raffenerie, and we pass some of the tankers are at anchor here. Around 1600 clock we reach Cagliari and anchor within the harbor (it's big) in the vicinity of some small fishing boats. Once the dinghy is lowered into the water, we make our way to the supermarket (Lidl). The night is quiet and no swell.

Calasetta to Teulada - Sardinien More

23.07.2013 Sonne 34°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 55.8' N 008° 43.5' E
Calasetta to Teulada - Sardinien - Tracks from Live Scores
At the port of Calasetta there is a small supermarket. and in the fishing harbor is also a gas station that is used but appears to only by fishermen and may be used. In the town itself is also a small ship suppliers. The Drive to S. Pietro - Carloforte drive around the clock and it is always operating at the ferry stop for 2 days and we want to anchor to the SE. with 4-5 kt speed we drive around the island Sant Antioco (Calasetta is on an island). Arriving at the lower end entsheiden we continue on us and the wind direction are good, and we control the direction of Teulada. The 12 nm until the following Cap are at 6 kt geschaft ride in 2 hours, then another 5 nm and WWe have reached our destination, Teulada. Teulada itself is only a bay with a small harbor and beach.

Portoscuso to Calasetta More

21.07.2013 Sonne 32°C 6 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 06.49' N 008° 22.69' E
Portoscuso to Calasetta - Tracks from Live Scores
Without swell, reasonably safe between Marina and profession of vessel port of Portoscuso we stayed. The water is clear and you can see the ground Since today is Sunday only go ferries to the island of S. Pietro to Carloforte, the coal loading rests. With coal we already had bad experiences in Mallorca, we get the anchor and drive the 6 nm Calasetta, the second ferry port to the island of San Pietro and Carloforte. Calasetta there is a small marina, a fishing port and the ferry terminal, we anchor behind the ferry dock at 5 m water depth. First, we are alone there, but does not take long and we been joined, in the evening are four ships at anchor. On the afternoon we make clear the dinghy and go in the small fishing port, bind tightly the dinghy between the fishing boats at the pier and take a tour of the place, it's quiet, Sunday up.

Bay of Oristano to the south More

20.07.2013 Sonne 30°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 11.79' N 008° 23.19' E
Bay of Oristano to the south - Tracks from Live Scores
Even here in the Bay of Oristano we remain over night and the following morning we continue with South Course. There are 8 nautical miles to the southern end of the bay, then a tongue of land comes on a military is above ground, for the air - is ground combat aircraft. There are to be prohibited areas on the peninsula that are shown in the charts, but nobody cares, because even where fishing is forbidden to lie masses of fishing buoys. We have wind, sometimes a little, sometimes more, usually between 7-15 kt, we ultimately decide we head for the pre-planned destination and get there around 1900 clock there and let the anchor at 6 m deep sand the floor. After more than 40 nm, we stay the night to Sunday are here.
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