Bosa to the south More

18.07.2013 Sonne 30°C 8 kt NW Actuell Position : 39° 51.3' N 008° 26.7' E
We drive from Bosa afternoon going in low wind astern. Our goal today is south and is about 20 nm away. Around at 1700 clock we reached Cabo Mannu and go on a sandy beach at anchor. Behind the beach is a salt lake. The following morning we continue to the south, we want into the Bay of Oristano. Around at 1600 clock we reach the Bay of Oristano and go to one of the free base which are displayed here.

Alghero - Bosa More

14.07.2013 Sonne 30°C 8 kt NW Actuell Position : 40° 16.99' N 008° 28.2' E
In the afternoon we anchor again in bosa, coming from Alghero, almost at the same place as a pioneer week. As a week ago, the Navy with the three webs is back as empty. We are just good because of a nqchbaryacht makes a dinghy on the way to the marina. Request Already Run the marina at the Los boss newcomers. This makes dermimm3r cares dabeimauf animal, for it is hardly someone is lying on the Steg3n. So what we have not seen yet. There are made ​​that have a communication with each other and know the marina boss, it can be there from the beginning to introduce the dinghy. The following morning we visit with the dinghy Bosa directly. In the afternoon we go to anchor and head south.

Alghero - Campingaz More

12.07.2013 Sonne 28°C 9 kt NW Actuell Position : 40° 33.99' N 008° 18.79' E
Alghero is a few ship chandlers and yacht service companies. We need to replace our gas bottles, two are empty. So go ahead and search for replacement bottles. The first yacht service offers us a bottle for 20 euros. The two Italians call (presumably with her ​​boss) and we get very little of what is being said, at least give us a new one - brought looking bottle, which seems to be empty in weight. We say the two "is empty"! NO NO say the two but the bottle is empty, so € 20 for a blank is indeed what. We let it go and make our way to the nearest dealer. Has a new, with seal, then for 24 €, which are still too much, two blocks away, we find a new, with sealed for 22 €, which we take with. ( )

Alghero More

06.07.2013 Sonne 28°C 6 kt NW Actuell Position : 40° 33.99' N 008° 18.79' E
After two days, we go to Alghero. Klaus and Angela have their return flight from here, for 35 euro / person with Ryanair. Well a couple of days we stay here, and what worked up. The anchorage outside the harbor front is good, and you can watch the evening and the yacht catcher, like trying to pull ships on land (to make cash on the ships). It's almost like the Caribbean, but here in the Mediterranean actually worse. In Alghero place we find a laundromat, and we start with the wash. With a folding sack barrow we make with pockets on the way. The washing machines are good, Miele Professional, and so the idea comes to us, even to wash all linens times. So, at first from the headsail which are made ​​clear to the fastest and into the washing machine, and the result is great. The following day we build most of the running rigging from (linen) and wash everything. In order to expand the line of rolling mainsail, one has to expand the role of the mast, no big deal, but so does the furler is equal mitgewartet, greased and cleaned. After everything together again makes the cleaning felt good, everything is much easier.

Bosa arrival More

04.07.2013 Sonne 25°C 11 kt N Actuell Position : 40° 16.99' N 008° 28.2' E
Early in the morning after the second night at sea, we can see Sardinia in the haze. During the night at 0200 clock, we have already been able to make a beacon, which is in near Alghero and 15 nm scope has. We're on the way to Bosa what's 20 nm south of Alghero is. So early in the morning only some fishermen are out and we drop our anchor at ß9ßß clock in the small bay of Bosa, after 49 hours driving from Menorca. In the bay is a yacht at anchor, with a German flag, which we not see so often in the Mediterranean.

Minorca - Spain to Sardinia - Italy More

02.07.2013 Sonne 34°C 11 kt NW Actuell Position : 40° 16.99' N 008° 28.2' E
In the morning we start to Sardinia. Before us lie 200 nautical miles depending on the wind and ride around the 2 days. At the beginning of the journey we have some wind from the front, but what should be changed according to the prediction in a few hours to half wind. After 25 nm or 5-6 hours later, we see a big freighter slightly north, has directed its cranes to off-shelf! We can thus not explain what this is, and watch the freighters with binoculars. It also seems the closer we get to the freighter first, but then the changes course and back away from us. All a bit weird. Short time later, the explanation is this: We drive through an area with mountains of garbage, Plastikmull all sorts, bags, bottles, boxes, tarps, small parts and much more. With so much trash we could not even run the machine that would suck in the garbage. Not to mention the now getting stranded plastic neatly in Menorca and Mallorca from the fish and birds. The freighter was / is a garbage disposer. And it was only about 50 km from Spain, hard to believe.

Anchor prohibition in an anchor space - Cala Taulera - Mahon More

30.06.2013 Sonne 23°C 11 kt NE Actuell Position : 39° 52.69' N 004° 18.49' E
Unique so far the authorities have responded in Menorca on the less expectant yacht industry. In all charts and on the handout of the Port Authority, a small armature surface in Mahon stated. We are in the morning in the cockpit, there is a boat harbor master and gives us the handout and says in one that is no longer allowed to anchor all vessels here, and again only allowed to be anchored if all marinas are full! All have lifted the anchor, no one has gotten into a the marinas, and there are fewer and fewer vessels in the marinas.

Mallorca - Menorca More

27.06.2013 Sonne 24°C 12 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 55.39' N 003° 50.4' E
In the morning we drive to the gas station first still fully do everything, diesel, petrol and water. In Italy will cost gasoline or diesel to 2 euros / liter, since the 1.30 euros here in Spain are still good. After everything is complete we pass under machine nor a piece of the bay of Pollenca, Majorca and say goodbye. Under sail, we arrive in the late afternoon after a good 30 nm in Menorca and go in Cala en Bosch anchor. The following day we drive with a good wind, 14 kt NE, at the other end of Menorca. There is a wave around Menorca and we will take 6-7 kt. In the afternoon we anchor in Cala Binibeca.

Mallorca tour by car More

25.06.2013 Sonne 24°C 12 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 54.19' N 003° 05.4' E
By car, we will look at the north side of the island of Mallorca and thus make a tour through the mountains. Although no vacation time, it is a lot of car traffic in the mountains and valleys in the north of Mallorca. Masses of tourists are transported by buses, we'll see you at the times, in Sa Calobra, and then we head to Port de Sóller. In Port de Sóller some yachts are moored even if the anchor field looks quite small and it is also quite full. On the return trip in the northeast of the island we visit shortly Christa and Helmut, who have the flight back to Germany the following day. We go shopping yet what to completion. The following morning we still use the Autio and drive in the extreme northeastern tip of Mallorca, in the Cap Formentor. The road is narrow and amounts of cars on the road again. Before the lighthouse it is downright to jam! At the lighthouse itself, which is about 350 m above sea level, the view is impressive. In the afternoon we bring the car and get ready for the departure.

Pollenca - Angela and Klaus come on board More

24.06.2013 Sonne 24°C 10 kt N Actuell Position : 39° 54.19' N 003° 05.4' E
We are back in Pollenca. In the coming days we will travel across Menorca to Sardinia. On this trip we have guest on board, Angela and Klaus but for Klaus it is not the first visit with us, 9 years ago, Klaus has driven with us across the Atlantic. The two come by plane from Germany to Palma de Mallorca and then have rented from Germany at the airport a car as Pollenca is indeed away some 60 km from the airport. With the car we can then also easily stash provisions, and also make an island trip. After the two arrived in Pollenca, is seen only once by the ship and the guest cabin. On a cold drink then the latest info be exchanged what does the rest of the day in demanding. The two have brought a few parts for the ship.
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