Pollenca trip - Android Tablet PC - Navionics More

21.06.2013 Sonne 22°C 10 kt NE Actuell Position : 39° 54.19' N 003° 05.4' E
In Pollenca it is pretty quiet at anchor, then when there is no wind, the sea bottom is clearly visible even without diving mask. The appointed warranty on Tablet PC has come with Christa and Helmut by plane to the island and then to us on board. With both we try out the new part and see how it is with the navigation but today is so simple. As the navigation software is installed an app from Navionics. We go under sail the 10 nautical miles to Ses Caletes, a small bay within the bay of Pollenca. In the evening we go together in the city. ( )

Pollenca - Can Picarfort - Alcudia More

16.06.2013 Sonne 21°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 39° 49.8' N 003° 07.8' E
After a few days in the anchor field of Pollenca we drive back to the bay of Alcudia and there to Can Picafort. As previously reported our tablet computer is so mottled above and suddenly we were able to order new as warranty. That we made and in the only 5 months the prices were so pleased that we could now take a tablet order twice. One is a Samsung 10.1 inch and the other a smaller Acer 7-inch. Both have a GPS so that both can be used to Navigatioon what is so important to us. Christa and Helmut who now come from Germany for vacation to Can Picafort bring us the two tablets. After 3 hours ride we anchor on the day before Can Picafort. At the afrternoon we move the 5 nm to Alcudia. ( )

Pollenca - fire fighting aircraft More

14.06.2013 Sonne 20°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 39° 54.19' N 003° 05.4' E
In Pollenca there is a military base where firefighting aircraft (seaplanes) are stationed. The hangar is located on the peninsula in the Bay of Pollenca. Start several times a week and the land firefighting aircraft in the bay. ( )

Alcudia - Pollenca More

11.06.2013 Sonne 21°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 39° 54.19' N 003° 05.4' E
After plenty of coal dust and some time in Alcudia bay one let's continue to Pollenca. It is not far and 12 nm with a small afternoon Tripp. Under sail it comes to the harbor to the southeast, and then a turn to the northeast. In the bay of Pollenca we have downwind and can sail up to the anchor field. Here in Pollenca are some yachts. We lie down in front of the hangar, seaplanes.

Alcudia Marina More

08.06.2013 Sonne 21°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 39° 49.8' N 003° 07.8' E
In Alcudia there is also a large marina which has about 750 berths. Within the marina, a hotel is involved. Lying at anchor outside you can within the harbor basin at different place in the dinghy mooring. On some days the fire fighting aircraft from the neighbor bay (Pollenca) in the Bay of Alcudia on the way, and take the practice of sea water. ( )

Alcudia More

05.06.2013 Sonne 21°C 10 kt S Actuell Position : 39° 49.8' N 003° 07.8' E
Some days we are now in Alcudia, or better Puerto de Alcudia. Here we go with the bike, there is a Lidl shoppingcenter or a Ferretería (hardware store) with many parts for ships, and usually cheaper than a boat chandlers. So we get a chain to lock the dinghy better. Also we do a bike tour in the old town of Alcudia, visit the old town center including a long, large wall.

Power plant - with coal energy More

02.06.2013 Sonne 19°C 15 kt ENE Actuell Position : 39° 49.8' N 003° 07.8' E
Alcudia's a tourist town, but also a professional Arts ship port. In this port coal or lime is undefeated, which is for the power plant in the vicinity. Who is to say with a yacht near, at anchor or in the marina, which has to count for easterly winds, which so often prevail, with a fine, black coal dust coating on the ship. When Kalkverladung the fine dust is then just white. We had it once after a night at anchor, that the ship had a black coat! Helps only play with some water.

Anchorage in Alcudia More

01.06.2013 Sonne 19°C 15 kt ENE Actuell Position : 39° 49.8' N 003° 07.8' E
In Alcudia you can anchor out in front of the marina, but the seabed is bad. Firstly, it is ground almost completely covered with sea grass and a fine sand that is hard as a rock in connection with the seagrass. Secure anchor is on the few open sandy areas that are really possible and be seen on the day.

Porto Colom to Alcudia More

25.05.2013 Leicht bewölkt 22°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 39° 49.8' N 003° 07.8' E
After about a week we leave Porto Colom and want a little further to the east. Our Tablet PC has given up the ghost. Porto Colom we send the unit back to the supplier (Conrad) and we drive until a replacement is because with paper card and a simple GPS. There is little wind and we still come out ahead. In Cala Ratjada we wanted to anchor, but there are too many waves and thus uncomfortable. Suddenly we go further into the Bay of Alcudia. When we arrive in Alcudia, it is already dark and we need three veruche to bring the anchor to hold. For the night, little wind is announced tomorrow and we see again in the anchor. ( )

Porto Colom More

20.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 39° 24.9' N 003° 15.99' E
The following day, it is about 3 nm further to Porto Colom. Porto Colom is a large natural bay that is safe in all weather conditions and it should come from the west, according to Forecast up to 35 kt. But like almost everywhere in Mallorca, 99% of the bay is covered with buoys. Again, the price is 25 € / night in low season. At the far corner of a small anchor space remained where up to 5 ships may lie at anchor. The areas of the buoys is well guarded by the Marineros, not because someone anchored within, then come and do the right clear to everyone "no anchoring". The place itself is quite nice, and there are supermarkets and camping gas 3 kg have to be exchanged for 18 €.
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