Porto Petro More

17.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 39° 21.6' N 003° 12.69' E
We drive from Andratx to Palma de Mallorca 10 nm, for a night we want to stay close to a small island LAS ILLETAS. In a few days to get stronger westerly winds, the forecast and since then we want to be already in the south of the island. The next morning we continue to the south with the aim of Porto Petro. from 16: oo clock we arrived in Porto Petro and see the bay full of buoys are. Comes to us a small boat with a counter Marinero says to us, that's the whole bay private and you can go for 25 € / night at a buoy moored otherwise is prohibited. Thank you and we make returns, continue for 2 nm and go into a small bay not far from Cala d Or at anchor.

Ibizza to Majorca - Andratx More

12.05.2013 Sonne 15°C 12 kt SE Actuell Position : 39° 32.19' N 002° 22.69' E
At 09:00 clock the anchor goes up, we have light winds from N, it is clear from the Cala Portinatx destination Andratx, Majorca. The sea is calm and there is a pleasant drive to the east. We need to sail through the day not to change, and arrive in Majorca in the afternoon. Outside before Andratx are 3 ships at anchor, and another on the south side of the driveway. We pass under a engine round the harbor area which is completely lined with buoys. It appears that some boats leave from the marina to have been placed on buoys. The next day we get a visit for a day.

Ibizza - San Antonio More

11.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 15 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 58.2' N 001° 17.79' E
In San Antonio we stay one day be, the anchorage is good and we also have to do a lot, so a day is well break. The wind is also made ​​to drive the wrong direction around to the east. A day later we then make our way towards Mallorca. On the north coast a neat lake and the wind is still against to. We let it be with the crossing and go to Cala Portinatx, let there in calm blue water drop anchor.

Denia to Ibizza More

09.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 38° 50.4' N 000° 07.2' W
In Denia we go to the gas station and bunker fuel. Then we lie down for a night at the jetty in the marina and wash the boat and fill all the tanks. The afternoon is again shopping on the plan. In the morning we start then Ibizza direction. There are 10 kt from north forecast, most often it is something more. As 5 to 10 nm away from Denia we cross commercial shipping street who want or vice versa from Gibraltar to the north. The tankers, freighters and container ships are traveling with about 20 kt and rapidly approaching. At evening we reach the Northwest corner of Ibizza and go in San Antonio at anchor.

Calpe or Calp More

08.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 38° 38.71' N 000° 04.28' W
In the evening we anchor before the town Calpe and Calpe. We are in the morning south of Alicante on the island "Isla de Tabarca" started, and were able to drive a large part of about 50 nm under sail. Just before we start the machine Calpe to anchor. The next day, it's early in the morning to Denia, and then with no wind machine.

Meeting in the morning - very large crude carrier More

06.05.2013 Sonne 18°C 10 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 33.79' N 001° 04.29' W
In the morning we lift the anchor. Our anchorage was perfect selected despite darkness last night, we were on the edge of large anchor fields for tankers, and Cartagena is a city of oil, with an investor for oil tankers, which then also lie at anchor just outside the port. The bay is quite large and so some tanker fit there. We drive under engine to the east by the armature field. Advance is such a giant? Or the driving? And if the drive wherever he wants. It can not be seen from a distance. As we come closer, we have almost reached him, because we recognize that the tanker moves very slowly (1 kt) to the front. A part of the crew are on deck and waving to us. We can after 2 hours lift the sails and go on track Alicante. In the evening we anchored off a small island south of Alicante.

After about three months we leave Almerimar More

03.05.2013 Leicht bewölkt 18°C 10 kt S Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
We give our power adapter from the Marina office and we set off around 11:00 clock. Everything is fueled and checked it's a light breeze. The first mile we drive under engine, then we sail to Almeria, so about 15 nautical miles to the east. After four hours, mostly under sail, we drop the anchor before the town. The following morning we sail first, then from the early afternoon engines is announced. The wind counterclaims and only 5 kt continue so with the machine. ( )

Back on Praslin in Almerimar More

15.04.2013 Sonne 17°C 20 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
On the first day after the return nor sun, then a day later the wind and rain. We want to do something on the ship, install a new battery and some grow lamps. It is this and do that. In einiigen days we want to leave Almerimar. ( )

Praslin, where does the name? More

31.03.2013 Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles. It is about 12 km long and 5 km wide. Praslin has a total area of 37.58 km ² and in 2002 had more than 7,000 inhabitants. It is the home of the coco de mer or Coco de Mer Praslin has to Anse Lazio and Anse Kerlan on sandy beaches, which are among the finest in the world.

Visit to Germany More

14.03.2013 Sonne 17C 20 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
After more than a year on the ship we want in the short term for about 4 weeks after Germany. We book the flight online with Ryanair and get a round-trip flight for 100, - Euro per person, but without baggage or with 10 kg hand luggage. The departure will be on 15.3.2013. Dorin and Monika, who live in our neighborhood on a Bavaria drive us with a hire car from Malaga airport. From the airport in Weeze it comes to the federal railway to Wiehl.
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