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On the beach west of Almerimar is a several kilometer long promenade. The lake paved and planted on the land side with a cycling track and with palm trees. On the promenade are at regular intervals bars and restaurants, mostly in conjunction with parking lots on which mobile homes are partly.

The construction More

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The construction boom seems to be over, and there are many ruined buildings, all along the coast of Spain. Located in the building is stopped and then is everything for many years. Here are some sites that were abandoned several years ago. However, there are few new buildings will be built where.

Campers Almerimar More

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Almerimar is also known destination of RVs. Here in the marina are extra parking spaces for each size of mobile homes, with or without a trailer. Versorung with water or power is given. The disposal (gray water) is possible. The cost, depending on size between 5-10 euros per day.

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East of Almerimar is a nature reserve. With the bike we'll look at here. On the sea side of the road a few meters over, and then it follows the sandy beach. On the land side, a path leads to the nature reserve. Almerimar in the new buildings are up to the reserves, on the other hand there are the greenhouses.

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Today there are at unesren neighbors Bavarian snack. Here in southern Spain in LIDL is orginale Bavarian veal sausage and wheat beer. With a few friends, there is a Bavarian breakfast with all the trimmings, including music.

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West of the Marina is (also) a development area. The beach promenade is already finished, only the possible new buildings are missing. Also available over 5 km long showers possible bathers on the beach. Westward traveling by bike can see the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains. ( )

Almerimar Marina More

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Lots of wind, lots of wind, or even very much wind, which are Sun 65th When our neighbors who are a little more freely, there were around 80 wind, which are full 12 Bf and Gale. The yacht is laid with linen at the pier. We have cut everything to make it safe. Lose everything below deck or in the storage boxes. ( )

Santa Fe de Mondújar - Los Millares More

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Los Millares is the name of a Chalcolithic occupation site 17 km north of Almería, in the municipality of Santa Fe de Mondújar, Andalusia, Spain. The complex was in use from the end of the fourth millennium to the end of the second millennium BC and probably supported somewhere around 1000 people. It was discovered in 1891 during the course of the construction of a railway and was first excavated by Luis Siret in the succeeding years. Further excavation work continues today. The 5 acre (2ha) site consists of three concentric lines of stone walls, the outer ring the largest, running more than 650 feet with nineteen 'bastions' and a gate guarded by foreworks. The road to the site is guarded by four smaller outlying stone forts. There is an extensive cemetery of eighty passage grave tombs. Radiocarbon dating has established that one wall collapsed and was rebuilt around 3025 BC. A cluster of simple dwellings lay inside the walls as well as one large building containing evidence of copper smelting. Pottery excavated from the site included plain and decorated wares including symbolkeramik bowls bearing oculus motifs. Similar designs appear on various carved stone idols found at the site. Although primarily farmers, the inhabitants of Los Millares had crucially also learned metal working, especially the smelting and forming of copper, and the site is considered highly important in understanding the transition from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age] The Los Millares culture eventually came to dominate the Iberian peninsula. The population of Los Millares has been estimated at approximately 1000 ( )

Almerimar More

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Almerimar is a Luxusurbanisation the town of El Ejido in Almería in southern Spain. Almerimar and expanded according to the millennium along the Mediterranean as far as Guardias Viejas. It rocks were removed to create more housing estates. Almerimar has a marina with 1,100 berths and an adjacent golf course. Almerimar is flanked by a nature reserve, in which are located in Europe, rare birds such as flamingos. There various films and TV series shot in Almerimar, such as on-axis with Manfred Krug or Conan the Barbarian, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. ( )

El Ejido - Almerimar More

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El Ejido is a Spanish town in the autonomous region of Andalusia in southern Spain. It belongs to the province of Almería and is marked by growing vegetables in greenhouses. The city is one of the richest in Spain. El Ejido is Europe's largest agro-industrially used "winter garden". El Ejido many vegetables are grown, and much of the population is dependent on vegetable farming, which led to a degree of prosperity. The greenhouses used for growing cover a large area of land, a total of approximately 36,000 hectares are covered with plastic, which has the region the epithet "Mar del Plástico". It is the world's largest acreage under slide. Each year, about 3 million tons of greenhouse vegetables are produced. In recent years, mainly with the gains recorded harvests. The winter crop is the most profitable while in El Ejido. ( )
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