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05.01.2013 Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
Our deck lighting is defective. Also should another additional spinnaker halyard are pulled into the mast. So one must be in the mast and that's the first one on this ship. Make plain linen, unpack boatswain's chair and let's go to the top. The spinnaker halyard I moved quickly, the deck lighting needs a spare part that we have to get. From the top you have a beautiful panoramic view of the harbor. ( )

Almerimar Marina More

03.01.2013 Sonne 20°C 5 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
Marina Almerimar The Marina Almerimar is located in an exceptional setting in the province of Almeria, southeast Spain. This is the sunniest area of Europe, with over 3,000 hours a year, and average annual temperatures of no less than 20º C. Almerimar is one of Andalusia’s most important touristic resorts, and have the necessary infrastructure and modern services to allow its residents to enjoy a high quality of life. Direct road access from the Mediterranean motorway is easy and Almeria Airport, with national and European connections, is just 40 minutes away. The port has a capacity of 1.100 berthes, all of them have running water and electricity (220/380 V). In the petrol pumps, located in the maritim dock, you´ll be able to refuel. Unleaded petrol and gasoil. In the Tower of Captaincy we have every day the meteorological reports facilitated by the National Institute of Meteorology, as well as information about the condition of sea. Our radio station is on and permanently to be listened out in the channel to 9 of VHF. ( )

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01.01.2013 Sonne 20°C 5 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 41.79' N 002° 47.49' W
On New Year's Day comes on much wave and we do not know where we go to anchor target Almarimar. We can only go machine with set mainsail as the wind comes from west. Only the last 2 sm is possible to sail. In the early afternoon we reach Almerimar and moor in the marina.

Almeria More

31.12.2012 Actuell Position : 36° 49.59' N 002° 27.6' W
We stand up the next morning at 8 clock and leave shortly thereafter the anchorage. Unfortunately, we have no wind and engine we go all the way, about 30 miles to Almeria. Heading I prepare our New Year's Eve dinner. We anchor out beside the old and disused pier for cruise ships.

Cajo San Pedro More

30.12.2012 Actuell Position : 36° 53.79' N 001° 57.3' W
After Cale de San Pedro we go under sail, Genoa with only aft winds. At 30.12 in the afternoon by 15 clock we drop by 7 m depth the anchor, Cale de San Pedro. We have light swell in the bay and fall winds. The place is not as quiet as we have presented to us. On the beach for us is strikingly unexpected happenings. High up in the cliff face we see walkers on a narrow path. We note that there appears to only provide them with a path to the bay. No motorable roads or paths. Only later when sundowner we see more and more small huts and houses in the rocks. Apparently hollow rocks are inhabited. A door can be seen just before and laundry hanging out to dry and then also with the slope. Many of the small accommodations have solar panels and a satellite dish on the roof. Even the small dilapidated castle appears to be inhabited.

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29.12.2012 Actuell Position : 37° 10.99' N 001° 48.79' W
Garrucha bunkering we want, diesel and water. We arrive in the early afternoon there and tie up at the gas station of the Yacht Club. At the outer jetty is a freighter that is being loaded, probably with sand. The gas station is still closed, it is too early lunch or siesta. Once the move is complete bunkers we we. In the new marina, which is empty and do there permanently for the night The Marina is a boat, everything else is empty. On the outer jetty on running belt-drive trucks bring the sand to lie on the freighter. Good we have westwind, so goes the dust cloud out to sea.

Aguilas More

26.12.2012 Actuell Position : 37° 24.3' N 001° 34.5' W
Aguilas is otherwise like any other place we've seen. Lying at anchor in the harbor was always operating on land, also in the evening were abundant cars and people around. The next day we have seen the bike. And even now the most impressive was that this is a place with lots of activity. It has a railroad - where ship loading facility, which is now out of service. There is also a conference center, which is structurally quite striking, it is right on the harbor in the east. If we manage it, we will stop here again.

Puerto de Mazarron More

23.12.2012 Actuell Position : 37° 33.9' N 001° 15.09' W
In Puerto de Mazarron, the Mole was in the cards still drawn to anchor free, but in reality everything is full with bars. We anchor off the town and want to stay here over Christmas. Here, too, there are many mansions and empty most of the bars and restaurants are closed. We ride a bike through the city and look at the city.

Cala del Gorguel More

22.12.2012 Actuell Position : 37° 34.5' N 000° 52.59' W
Coming from the Mar Menor we wanted to anchor in a small bay south, the 'small, however, and with a lot of thresh was so that we drive and then go into a little bay at anchor. Here is vinous plant, but the bay is somewhat sheltered.

Mar Menor More

20.12.2012 Actuell Position : 37° 44.49' N 000° 43.69' W
We arrive in the early afternoon in the Mar Menor. Let the anchor fall outside even before the sheet metal walls. The holding ground is good but swell to remember is. We lift anchor and head slowly in the area framed with metal plates, here is the threshold over. We are doing well, the only prospect on rusted metal plates obscures the somewhat. The next day we pack the bikes in our dinghy and go to the bascule bridge that separates the Mar Menor from the Mediterranean. Here we will dock the dinghy and goes by bicycle through a ghost town. There are thousands of apartments, all EMPTY - leave the apartments are - this is a ghost town.
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