Las Negras - Carboneras More

12.06.2018 Sonne 25°C 10 kt SSW Actuell Position : 36° 58.84' N 001° 53.99' W
Las Negras - Carboneras - Tracks from Live Scores
Las Negras has different anchorages which are different in size and we are in front of a lonely beach which is well protected to the west, only partially to the south. In eastern winds, the place is not recommended. On land are some campers. Anchors at 6m water depths and sandy bottom is perfect. We are only here one night and want to go further north. At about 10 o'clock in the morning we lift the anchor and drive with light winds to the north. After passing a famous Spanish beach "Playa de los Muertos" comes the town of Carboneras, first comes a cement plant with commercial jetty, we want to anchor the place for the next night, and here are already some ships with the same idea as we.

Genoese - Las Negras More

11.06.2018 Sonne 25°C 12 kt SSW Actuell Position : 36° 51.65' N 002° 00.26' W

Genoese - Las Negras - Tracks from Live Scores
In Genovese, Westwind is quiet and protected. The beach is large and quite remote so the beach on the land side is only accessible by car. We stay here for two days and go ashore and look for a garbage can, but it does not exist here, so our garbage back to the ship. The weather forecast is still in the wake of western winds and after 2 days we clear the anchor and sail a few nautical miles north with the next destination Las Negras.

Roquetas de Mar - Genoese More

08.06.2018 Sonne 25°C 12 kt SSW Actuell Position : 36° 44.46' N 002° 07.06' W
Roquetas de Mar - Genoese - Tracks from Live Scores
In Roquetas de Mar, we are also quite calm with a lot of wind from the west. The time in Roquetas is used to control the underwater ship for vegetation. The hull itself looks good, but the propeller has some mussels attached. Use a spatula to clean the propeller. After a few days, the wind and the wave decreases and we sail a bit further towards Cabo de Gata. Today's destination is the bay of Los Genoveses which lies to the east of Cabo de Gata. In the bay are already some yachts at anchor, we lie down in the southern part of the Bay of Genovese

Almerimar - Roquetas de Mar More

02.06.2018 Sonne 25°C 12 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 45.57' N 002° 36.26' W
Almerimar - Roquetas de Mar - Tracks from Live Scores
Actually it should start only on Sunday, but for today, Saturday, the weather forecast was better and the first leg is only 15 nautical miles. Around noon, it's time to go on a leash in Almerimar. After the exit from the harbor, the sails are set and in good westerly wind we drive with 5 knots direction Roquettas de Mar. After a pleasant 3 hours sailing we drop the anchor behind the marina in front of the beach.
For the coming days more wind from the west is predicted, between 25 and 40 knots. At the same time with more wind the wave gets higher and at the Cabrio de Gala the whole thing increases a bit. We wait until it calms down.

Almerimar - Shtandart - Штандартъ More

11.04.2018 Sonne 22°C 22 kt WSW Actuell Position : 36° 41.72' N 002° 47.60' W
On the way from Alicante to Cádiz, the replica of Shtandart arrives in Almerimar. There is a wind coming and the ship is taking a break on the way. ( )

Almerimar More

20.10.2016 Sonne 22°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 41.72' N 002° 47.60' W
We leave Adra in the morning, sailed first, then later the wind turns and weakens, the weather forecast was pretty much all that and we are not surprised. After a few nautical miles, we have reached our destination Almerimar. The water ingress of the seawater pump has turned out to be not so severe, we now have time to fix the damage.

Adra More

19.10.2016 Sonne Wolken 20°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 44.54' N 003° 00.85' W
After a quiet night, outside the port of Motril, we want to continue towards Almerimar. Around 1000 o'clock we clear the anchor and set the sails. We do not have much wind, but come with three to four knots slowly approaching our current destination. The last three nautical miles we used the machine because the wind tends to zero. We anchor in front of the place Adra.

Motril More

18.10.2016 Sonne Wolken 23°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 43.01' N 003° 30.71' W
After a quiet night at anchor we want to continue a bit further today with the destination Motril. We wait until just before noon and then sail with little wind. Since the distance is not too big, we can also drive slowly. In the late afternoon we drop our anchor in front of the port of Motril,

Caleta De Vélez - La Herradura More

17.10.2016 Sonne Wolken 22°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 43.67' N 003° 44.40' W
After 4 days, the wind has subsided and the waves are not as high. In the morning we drop in the marina and set sail on open water. Under sail we come to the next anchorage in the bay of La Herradura. The bay is well protected in calm weather, only in the high season the beach is closed off with buoys and you have to anchor a bit further out.

Caleta De Vélez More

13.10.2016 Bewölkt 20°C 28 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 44.88' N 004° 03.96' W
The wind increases and with the wind also the waves. We stay in the harbor and wait until the wind and the waves lose weight. Next to us are some more ship here in the marina ide also waiting for a lessening of the wind.
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