Torreviega More

14.12.2012 Actuell Position : 37° 58.29' N 000° 41.4' W
In Torreviga Beckern we are in port at anchor. At the entrance to a loading facility salt is loaded onto cargo ships, the h partially 24 hours a day. In the harbor you lie quietly and without threshold, but a country to create the dinghy is difficult. actually it is not wanted, which one is landing with a dinghy. We stay here a few days and do a lot of the ship.

Alicante More

13.12.2012 Actuell Position : 38° 19.59' N 000° 30.39' W
In the morning we lift the anchor. The road today is not far, so 7 nm. Since the wind is weak and comes from West we slowly under engine to the west. The town lies north along the coast and then the docks come into view. Past the pier it is entirely in the west of Alicante, almost to the end of the docks and go there at anchor. We stay a night at anchor, but it's something swell and we will continue the next day.

San Juan - Alicante More

11.12.2012 Actuell Position : 38° 21.49' N 000° 26.19' W
After driving under engine we come closer to Alicante and let 5 sm previously in a small cove fall quite well protected the anchors. There is a small marina for motorboats. We are looking for a way to charge our phone card and make sure the dinghy, and our bikes. We look at the San Juan suburb of Alicante and also a shop where you can recharge phone cards.

The first Trip - Morayra More

09.12.2012 Sonne 17°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 40.89' N 000° 09.79' W
The first trip with the PRASLIN is fast. Denia we refuel again at the gas station and make the diesel tank full. Following the termination, we have aft winds with about 20 knots. Even an ordinary wave is here, and it rocks aft a bit, but after a short time we will change the course and jibe the sail and from then it is more convenient to move the yacht. The 10 nm to the Cape are covered in 1.5 hours, then we turn to the west and go in calm seas for our first anchorage. Afternoon by 15 clock we drop the anchor. The next day we grow the solar cells, and thus have ever heard Electric Power.

Sea freight arrive More

02.12.2012 Sonne 15°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 50.1' N 000° 07.29' W
See you at the anchor and anchor chain, noting that the chain is only up to 25 m Ok. After a short deliberation, we order 80 m / 10mm anchor chain. We got a call that our sea chest has arrived from the Caribbean. The truck driver, we do offer one the sea chest in the marina to bring. We put the crate into a parking lot and create all things with carts to Praslin. After more than two hours, the sea chest is empty and dismantled, all things on Praslin. The store is to take place the next day.

Denia - Equipment More

20.11.2012 Regen 14°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 50.1' N 000° 07.29' W
The Praslin missing a dinghy. We get one with solid floor, 2.8 meters in length. The outboard we still have is traveling from the Caribbean. Also, we have now purchased a power generator with 2 kW.

New ship - the PRASLIN More

10.11.2012 Sonne 18°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 50.1' N 000° 07.29' W
A new ship, we refer the PRASLIN. After many years on the Antares PRASLIN's different, and a deck saloon is also something new for us. The ship is 12.25 m (40 ft) long and has 2 cabins and 2 showers with WC. Also a large pantry and a lounge with panoramic view (Deck Saloon) is present. A Volvo Penta engine for calm conditions is also incorporated. There are two roller reef, a furling genoa and furling main sail. All sails are operated from the cockpit.

Arrival in Spain - Denia More

01.11.2012 Sonne 18°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 38° 50.1' N 000° 07.29' W

We leave the caribbean More

30.10.2012 Sonne 30°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 14° 04.59' N 060° 57.3' W
After 8 years we left the Caribbean for about 1 year. We are in St Lucia and fly out here over Martinique to Paris and then to Alicante in Spain. The flight takes so around 22 hours. From St Lucia it takes with a small plane ATR 42 from the small airport in Castries (SLA) to Martinique just 15 minutes flytime. One hour later with "Corsair" (A330) to Paris Orly. This flight runs over 8 hours and ends the next day in the morning around 10:00 clock. Two hours later, it goes in a Vueling A320 continues to Alicante in Spain.

Preparing to leave the Caribbean - "packing" More

15.10.2012 Sonne 30°C 10 kt E Actuell Position : 14° 04.59' N 060° 57.3' W
Of the Antares, we still have some parts that are to Europe. The largest of these are the outboard and the solar cell, but there are also the many small things that accumulate in this way. There we purchased a box, 1 x 1 x 1.5 m (1.5 m3), which is then sent by sea to Denia. The box must be Seaworthy and should go with a container ship on the trip. The GEESTLINE is hired as a forwarder. In St Lucia a few papers are required to procure a customs broker. The building materials for a case is to get in a hardware store and assemble a joiner of anything. A week before the scheduled departure of the box in Rodnay Bay Marina is clearly loaded. We have everything packed and the box then by forklift from Island Water World (Shipchandler) loaded onto a truck to move to the harbor. ( )
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