Faro - Ayamonte More

15.08.2016 Sonne 32°C 9 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 11.49' N 007° 24.39' W
Faro - Ayamonte - Tracks from Live Scores
We stay a few weeks in the lagoon of Faro and are located on the island of Culatra. Here we meet many other sailors who have been here for years in the area. Culatra can only be reached by boat, during the day there are ferries between the mainland and Culatra, at 18:00 the last ferry goes back to the mainland, then it becomes quiet on the island. When the anchors are at anchor then the tourists are usually already gone. Even if some visitors come here during the day, there is a 0.33 L bottle of beer for € 1 in the bar. We wait for the right wind and then sail back to Ayamonte.

Vila Real - Culatra Faro More

06.08.2016 Sonne 29°C 12 kt SE Actuell Position : 36° 59.79' N 007° 50.89' W
Vila Real - Culatra Faro - Tracks from Live Scores
Today we drive directly to Faro. On the way from Ayamonte to Faro some tuna nets are anchored off the coast in the sea, which should all be avoided. In light wind we make good progress. At the entrance to the lagoon near Faro, the depth of the water is not a problem, but when the water runs up or down, strong currents are created in the driveway. The water looks correspondingly choppy. If you are inside the lagoon everything is quiet. Behind the island of Culatra we drop anchor, here are some yachts.

Vila Real - Tavira - Villa Real More

05.08.2016 Sonne 29°C 10 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 06.9' N 007° 37.69' W
Vila Real - Tavira - Villa Real - Tracks from Live Scores
Vila Real - Tavira - Villa Real - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we want to leave for the west. With a light wind we sail to Tavira where we want to spend the night. It's supposed to be a nice river where you can lie. When we arrive there is a good flow in the driveway. We drive through until we come to a free section of the river, where there are no buoys, but it is very narrow, flat and busy. It is too narrow for us and we drive out of the river again, Meanwhile, the wind has turned and takes something, so that we drive the 15 nautical miles back to Ayamonte and then anchor there.

Vila Real More

30.07.2016 Sonne 32°C 10 kt W Actuell Position : 37° 12.19' N 007° 24.69' W
We stay a few days in Laranjeiras and get to know many locals. Also, we are invited to a meal. When we want to pull up the anchor, nothing works. We try to get the anchor for a day, nothing moves. The following day, we get help from Dick, who gets the anchor chain loose with his heavy flatbed ship, but does not get the anchor himself. Finally, we cut off the anchor, including 3m chain. For the coming days, we now use our replacement anchor. We want to go to Faro and drive first to Villa Real, the Portuguese place n the estuary.

Laranjeiras More

26.07.2016 Sonne 34°C 10 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 24.3' N 007° 27.39' W
Laranjeiras  - Tracks from Live Scores
In Foz de Odeleite there is a small jetty, which is pretty battered. We drive a little further to Laranjeiras . Here are some yachts on buoys, most leave, and here there is a small jetty, but with electricity and water supply is provided. Also on land is a small bar (Cantarinha Do Guadiana) including Internet WIFI. Here we meet some old acquaintances and get to know some nice people.

Ayamonte - Rio Guadiano More

19.07.2016 Sonne 32°C 11 kt SW Actuell Position : 37° 13.5' N 007° 24.6' W
Ayamonte - Rio Guadiano - Tracks from Live Scores
After two days in the marina we drop off the jetty. Water and supplies are replenished. For a few days we drop anchor in the river, just north of the city of Ayamonte. Here are some yachts and with the dinghy you can drive in the place. After a few days, we want to go up the river for a while. We wait until the tide comes, and by noon we lift the anchor. With the Genoa we sail with light wind and with running water with well 4 kt up the river. The motorway bridge has a specified headroom of 20 m, for us it should fit! With a sailing yacht, it is then a strange feeling, you get closer to the bridge, the mast is getting higher and the bridge deeper and deeper, but in the end it fits and we drove under the bridge. After 3 hours we go to anchor in Foz de Odeleite.

El Rompido - Ayamonte More

10.07.2016 Sonne 28°C 10 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 11.49' N 007° 24.39' W
El Rompido - Ayamonte - Tracks from Live Scores
We stay one week in Rompido. Shortly before the onward journey helicopter rescue is practiced next to us. We wait for the right weather and also for floods to get through the fairway well. At calm sea we have 1 m of water under the keel, so only at high tide is it possible to drive out. At sea we set the sails and after about 25 nautical miles at the entrance to the border river, Rio Guadiana, between Spain and Portugal. With running water we drive a bit up the river and anchor in front of Ayamonte in the river on the Spanish side. The next morning we want to go to the marina, we have to bunker water. ( )

Mazagon - El Rompido More

02.07.2016 Sonne 25°C 8 kt S Actuell Position : 37° 12.69' N 007° 04.59' W
Mazagon - El Rompido - Tracks from Live Scores
After a quiet night at anchor in Mazagon, we want to continue a bit further. The idea is to drive to Rompido, but the driveway is a bit tricky there, as sandbanks change the runway every year. On the other hand, the fairway through the sandbars is safe only at high tide. In a light wind, we sail the 8 nautical miles and look from the sea to what others take for a walk. After some searching, we find the control ton and the other tons that mark the dredged way. Behind the kilometer-long sand dune, we lie quietly at anchor. On the day a small taxi boat tourists on the sand dune, then the beach is empty since 1800 since you would have to walk a few kilometers to get back to the village. On the land side are large pine forests. ( )

Cadiz - Mazagon More

01.07.2016 Sonne 27°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 37° 08.4' N 006° 51.39' W
From Cadiz to Mazagon, there are 40 nautical miles. In the morning, we make slow progress, at noon, the wind is slowly increasing. The entrance to Mazagon is big because here are also large commercial vessels. In addition to the fairway there is plenty of space to anchor, there are a few yachts here. The marina is like most here pretty empty. The outer jetty the entrance is one of the longest in the world.

Sancti Petri - Cadiz More

29.06.2016 Sonne 25°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 36° 32.59' N 006° 16.59' W
In Sancti Petri we stay what a lot of wind is announced. After four days everything calmed down and we sailed to Cadiz. The marina is on the outside of the large docks, to the village there are so 2 km. The marina is one of the APPA marinas and like most relative empty. We lock up on a finger bridge in the afternoon and use the bikes to drive to the old town.
Marina Cadiz (APPA Marina) Info:
Yachts 12 m 32 € / day in high season
incl Tax / water / electricity / no WIFI
( )
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