Barbate - Sancti Petri More

25.06.2016 Sonne Wolken 25°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 36° 24.3' N 006° 12.6' W
Barbate - Sancti Petri - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning drop off and in light wind 5 nm to the west to the Cabo Trafalger, then still good 15 nm to the north. The rounding of the cap is possible in light wind and little swell on the coast, there are some sandbars which is feasible in calm weather. When the sea is rough and the wind is good, it is restless near the coast. The entrance to Sancti Petri is well marked with buoys, but there is also a decent tidal current. To anchor free you have to drive completely through the buoy field to the end, there is plenty of room.

Strait of Gibraltar - Barbate More

24.06.2016 Sonne 27°C 11 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 10.99' N 005° 56.29' W
Driving a boat through the Strait of Gibraltar is actually quite simple. It should be noted only the tides, the currents and the wind. We want to watch in 1000 going on, but were stopped at the gas station (a sailor had just 6500 liters of diesel bunkering) and so we started until 1100 hours, which also was Ok but. With current and wind astern we are 6-7 kt above ground moved westward. One can go on the northern coast and sees occasionally choppy, what a reversal of the flow announces that then takes a short distance and then the power turns back. The further we move to the west, to the Cape of Tarifa, the more will the wind to. Even after passing the Cape of wind remains strong. In the then following West course we can well sail and also the flow with us. On the west coast of Spain large tuna nets are designed, which are all marked with buoys. In daylight you can see the nets but again are not all located in the charts or drawn disappeared. In the afternoon we come to Barbate and go there in the Marina.
Marina Barbate (APPA Marina) Info:
Yachts 12 m 32 € / day in high season
incl Tax / water / electricity / no WIFI

Gibraltar More

20.06.2016 Sonne 23°C 18 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 08.89' N 005° 21.3' W
A few organizational things The clear inward goes in Marina Office Fairly easy (with EU passport) because Gibraltar is not EU territory. Everything in Gibraltar is tax exempt but that does not necessarily mean that everything is inexpensive and everything is excellent in British Pound (GBP) and is charged with GBP. Exploring it may happen that an exchange rate of £ 1 to 2 € is required on the other side are diesel and petrol quite favorable, for diesel € 42 cents per liter and petrol for € 55 cents per liter. There is still the airport which is also unique and we spent three days located next to the runway with the ship and seen some takeoffs and landings, it's something different than usual Ange Flew only from the UK and with British Airways -. Monarch - easyJet , and the five to eight times a day with models such as the A320. Gibraltar in often has a main street which is full of shops, restaurants and bars. From there further to the marina still the Ocean village with some shops, restaurants, bars and a casino zusätzllich it.
The film "The Skipper" with Jürgen Prochnow as skipper was filmed in parts here and the ship was in the then Sheppard Marina at the pier before the skipper launched in the Caribbean from here.
Then there are the monkeys that inhabit the rock of Gibraltar and it should be around 50 km of tunnels in rocks, a small part we could see.
Marina Bay (Marina Sheppard) Info:
Yachts 12m 15.5 £ / day in high season
No Tax / water extra / electricity extra / WIFI included

Fuengirola - Gibraltar More

19.06.2016 Sonne 27°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 08.89' N 005° 21.3' W
Fuengirola - Gibraltar - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we place after 6 days wait for the right wind for the trip to the south west of the marina. Now in the morning we have a light breeze from the northeast at 10 kt and we can well sail to West.
Around noon the wind makes more and more gradually at 70% of the track, we turn off the motor and then to go from the last 15 nm as a motor glider. Against 2000 pm we reach the Marina Bay (formerly known Shepard Marina) and we call the marina on VHF 71 and get a berth assigned.
Marina Fuengirola info:
Yachts 12 m 26 € / day in high season
incl Tax / water / electricity / WIFI
( )

Malaga - Fuengirola More

11.06.2016 Sonne 29°C 10 kt NE Actuell Position : 36° 32.59' N 004° 36.99' W
The anchorage in Malaga's well protected from western and northern winds. In the morning, everything is still good, around noon the wind turns to the southeast and increasing. We go to anchor and want to Fuengirola. The first 8 nm We go well with the West but then the wind can only gradually then turns still to South, so we have to show up. We drive around a few large fishing nets and two old oil rigs that are left here off the coast. The last 3 nm we let the machine work with and reach in the late afternoon Fuengirola. Directly in front of Fuengirola fishing nets are designed marked with tons this but as always, are not shown in the charts. The place is a pure tourist place. ( )

Torre del Mar - Malaga More

10.06.2016 Sonne 22°C 20 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 42.69' N 004° 24.6' W
For tomorrow big waves running into the bay, and we raise the anchor and head slowly from the Bay of Torre de Mar. Our aim is actually to the southwest, but from there come the wind and waves, so we change our route and go with motor sailing towards Malaga. After over time: we can switch off the motor and sail close to the wind along the coast. In the afternoon we reach Malaga and on a possible anchorage is already a yacht, which in the area so here is pretty rare. As the wind from West comes we are here well and let the anchor fall. Throughout the day, the sea calmed down noticeably.

La Herradura - Torre del Mar More

09.06.2016 Sonne 32°C 8 kt SW Actuell Position : 36° 44.59' N 004° 05.07' W
The voyage from Herradura to Torre del Mare is characterized by changing winds, partly crossing and then again little wind. We want to anchor one night in front of the village and continue the next day.

Motril - La Herradura More

07.06.2016 Sonne 28°C 8 kt S Actuell Position : 36° 43.59' N 003° 44.4' W
The 14 nautical miles to Herradura are characterized by little wind. After a while, we let the machine run along and drop the anchor in the bay early in the afternoon. The bay is nice, protected from the east and a small place on the beach. We stay here for two days.

Adra - Motril More

06.06.2016 Sonne 25°C 6 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 42.9' N 003° 30.6' W
In calm weather and little wind we sail to the next anchorage at Motril. We anchor outside the harbor and lie in calm sea. At night some plastic seems to be burnt ashore, the air is burning and in the early morning we leave the place.

Almerimar - Adra More

05.06.2016 Sonne 25°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 36° 44.59' N 003° 00.9' W
After a long winter it is now a little bit to the west. We want to go to Adra and then there anchors and once the underwater boat control, and also the propeller clean. At noon we leave Almerimar and can sail to Adra. In the early afternoon we drop the anchor in the small bay of Adra.
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