Cala de San Pedro - Almerimar More

27.11.2015 Sonne 22°C 8 kt W Actuell Position : 36° 41.89' N 002° 47.49' W
Cala de San Pedro - Almerimar - Tracks from Live Scores
Early in the morning, we leave in Garrucha and want to go to Almerimar the last cruise this year. Under the machine we drive to Cabo de Gata and after we turn the course to the west we can put the sails and cross the bay of Almeria. Late in the afternoon we reach Almerimar which we already know. We get together in the marina and meet here many acquaintances. The next year will continue.

Garrucha - Cala de San Pedro More

26.11.2015 Sonne Wolken 20°C 11 kt SE Actuell Position : 36° 54.0' N 001° 58.8' W
Garrucha - Cala de San Pedro - Tracks from Live Scores
Also in Garrucha we will stay one day at the footbridge. We see the place closer and go on foot on a big round. Since the holiday season is over the beaches and bars are empty. Also the many apartments look empty and so it is quiet n Garrucha.
The following morning, we set off and head south, the destination is the small bay Cala de San Pedro. We arrive in the afternoon with a little wind and anchor in the bay.

Aguilas - Garrucha More

24.11.2015 Sonne 20°C 6 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 11.1' N 001° 48.99' W
Aguilas - Garrucha - Tracks from Live Scores
We stay at Aguilas for another day and wait for a better wind. So we continue the next day with a better wind towards southwest. We drive past the place Palomares, where in the 60s crashed an American B52 bomber and four hydrogen bombs crashed on land or a landed in the sea. The consequences of the crash are still being negotiated today. We continue to Garrucha and place us alongside the almost empty marina on a floating dock. ( )

Cartagena - Aguilas More

23.11.2015 Sonne 20°C 11 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 24.3' N 001° 34.2' W
Cartagena - Aguilas - Tracks from Live Scores
After about a week in Cartagena we want to go further west. In the morning we leave the marina and leave the bay of Cartagena. At the exit, you can see the old submarine bunker, which is located in a mountain and is walled. After we leave the bay is on the east side of the oil port of Cartagena and west of it a large anchor field for large tankers. We want to go to Aguilas and drive partly with machine and partly with sails. In the afternoon we arrive in Aguilas and anchor in the bay in front of the city.

Cartagena More

20.11.2015 Sonne 20°C 6 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 35.79' N 000° 58.69' W
Cartagena  - Tracks from Live Scores
At first we only wanted to stay in Cartagena for one or two days, but then there will be more to see. Cartagena is located on a large natural bay and has a well protected harbor. There are almost daily cruise ships on the large pier. In the western part of the bay is a large Spanish naval base.
1. The City of Cartagena
Due to the large marine base and a university in Cartagena always lively. There is a lot to see, right on the harbor a fortress on a hill. In the old town are plenty of shops and bars. Just outside are supermarkets and also the station of Cartagena.
2. Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática
Directly at the marina is a sea museum. In the Marinabüro we were told that this museum can be visited free of charge on Sundays. In the museum are underwater finds from the area exposed and explain what it with these has on itself.
3. Museo Naval de Cartagena
Through the large naval base there is also a museum with the history of the Spanish navy. In the museum you can see various eras of the Spanish marina, as well as various exhibits around the navy. The first Spanish submarine is also located in a neighboring building. A visit is worthwhile, usually open in the morning.
4. Museo Histórico Militar de Cartagena
The Army Museum is also open in the morning. Here, many exhibits are spread over different buildings, from large scale to a model park. It is also worth a visit.
( )

Mar Menor - Cartagena More

13.11.2015 Sonne Wolken 20°C 8 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 35.79' N 000° 58.69' W
Mar Menor - Cartagena - Tracks from Live Scores
We want to go to Cartagena. For the well 20 nm we have enough time that we go around 1000 clock in the morning. With light winds we go first south, then on Cabo de Palos we go further westwards. In the afternoon, we enter the Bay of Cartagena under a machine. On the radio we call the marina in the bay and ask for a mooring, which we then also get and we go on the long side at a footbridge. The marina is well protected, there is a fence around and a guard is also available 24 hours. ( )

Alicante - Mar Menor More

12.11.2015 Sonne Wolken 19°C 12 kt NE Actuell Position : 37° 44.59' N 000° 43.69' W
Alicante - Mar Menor - Tracks from Live Scores
Early in the morning we go on an anchor and drive in a light wind to the southwest. After a few miles the wind increases slightly and we are progressing well. First we wanted to go to Torrevieja, but in the good wind we decided to continue and anchor at Mar Menor. Before the entrance to the Mar Menor is a non-finished marina, only the outer walls were built, the inner part is completely empty and you can anchor there on 4 m water depth. With the dinghy, we drive into the canal and fasten below the lift bridge. From here about 1 km south is then a supermarket and some bars.

Moraira - Alicante More

11.11.2015 Sonne 22°C 6 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 21.39' N 000° 26.29' W
Moraira - Alicante - Tracks from Live Scores
After a quiet night we lift the anchor in the morning and want to go further west. In a little wind we drive under machine first, then we can put the sails and sail the most part of the route to Alicante under sail. In the late afternoon we leave the anchor slightly west of Alicante. The bay is open to the south and is recommended only in calm weather as an anchorage.

Denia - Moraira More

10.11.2015 Sonne 20°C 9 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 41.1' N 000° 08.7' W
Denia - Moraira - Tracks from Live Scores
After arriving at the Marina de Denia, we will stay here for the next weekend. We meet with some friends and spend some nice days in Denia.
On Mondays we do some shopping and then the next morning and continue to drive south. In the morning we set off from the footbridge and took a short trip and set anchor in the afternoon before Moraira.
( )

Valencia - Denia More

07.11.2015 Sonne 22°C 11 kt NE Actuell Position : 38° 50.4' N 000° 07.2' W
Valencia - Denia - Tracks from Live Scores
The following day, we and Valencia will be taking the bicycles. First we come to the Formula 1 circuit in the harbor and the Americas Cup basin within the marina. The Formula 1 track is easy to see, all the markers and the side boundaries are still there. Then continue towards the old town. In Valencia, the old river bed of the Río Turia is transformed into a recreation area, the river was redirected in the 90s and now runs past the city. In the old riverbed are now sports centers and the largest aquarium in Europe. After a few kilometers along the riverbed we reach the old town of Valencia. We spend half the day in the city and come back to sunset at sunset.
After two days in Valencia we set off in the morning on the third day and go under sail towards Denia. We can sail until just before the port entrance and catch up in the Marina Denia.
( )
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