Port Cap d'Agde - Leuchat More

20.10.2015 Sonne 23°C 12 kt NE Actuell Position : 42° 51.9' N 003° 02.29' E
Port Cap d'Agde - Leuchat - Tracks from Live Scores
Today in the morning was also to see the sun and everything looks friendly. Early we leave the marina at Cap de Agde and go out and then on East Course under sail towards Leucate. Throughout the day, it is going well and we have little wave. Shortly before our destination the wind picks up and just before the entrance to Leucate there are then 30 kt wind. Within the port then no wave is only the wind remains. ( )

Mortes - Port Cap d'Agde More

19.10.2015 Sonne Wolken 22°C 15 kt NE Actuell Position : 43° 16.39' N 003° 30.39' E
Mortes - Port Cap d'Agde - Tracks from Live Scores
In the morning we have some better weather, the clouds are less, the wind is 10 kt from northeast, and we raise the anchor and head west. Slowly we leave behind us Mortes. We can sail all the way to Cap de Agde. At Cap de Agde go for a night in the marina there. ( )

Port Napoleon - Mortes More

18.10.2015 Wolken Regen 19°C 19 kt NE Actuell Position : 43° 32.1' N 004° 06.6' E
Port Napoleon -  Mortes - Tracks from Live Scores
With clouds and rain, we want to go. The wind is at 15 kt and is still about set. We drive through the fairway into the bay at Port Napoleon and then go south under sail at 15 kt from northeast. As we pass the southernmost buoy we place on West course and progressing well. With more than 7 kt we make good ride and let our first stop lying and go with a good ride on to the next anchorage. Against 1800 pm we arrive in the bay at Mortes and let the anchor drop.

Port Napoleon - Yard More

17.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 12 kt SW Actuell Position : 43° 22.59' N 004° 49.8' E
Port Napoleon - Yard - Tracks from Live Scores
We sail with a good wind to Port Napoleon, which lies at the mouth of the Rhone and is used by many yachts. Here masts are placed or laid to then navigate the Rhone can. There are 2 large shipyards here. The entrance is buoyed and outside also very shallow. The whole area is an industrial area with large port facilities and a refinery on one side.

Marseille - Port Napoleon More

16.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 43° 22.8' N 004° 54.19' E
Marseille - Port Napoleon - Tracks from Live Scores
According our arrival in Marseille, we take the local Jeanneau dealer. We received friendly and helpful and we offered with various tehre for achieving the necessary work. Jeanneau in Marseille can not perform the work required. After a long exchange of information, we decide to drive to Port Napoleon. As a trader we can JEANNEAU MARSEILLE (Yacht Méditerranée) recommend. In the afternoon, we go shopping and then what will tomorrow continue. ( )

Bandol - Marseille More

15.07.2015 Sonne 25°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 43° 14.7' N 005° 21.79' E
Bandol - Marseille - Tracks from Live Scores
In the evening we want to go with the dinghy ashore, as after sunset more and more ships alongside and in front of us dropped anchor! We enscheiden to wait and see what that is all about. So an hour later then the solution desen, it was a abegefeuert feurwerk safely 20 minutes on us all ships next to us were so went out to get a better view to have. Today in the morning we drive in light winds towards Marseille where we arrive at the marina in the afternoon. The question of a mooring is difficult, but after some back and forth we get for this day.

Hyres - Bandol More

14.07.2015 Sonne 26°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 43° 08.1' N 005° 46.09' E
Hyres - Bandol - Tracks from Live Scores
According only 2 days with a lot of wind, it has become quiet again and we continue our journey to the west. In the morning we lift our anchor and head with light westerly wind going under engine. The first section we take a machine behind Toulon we can sail. In Bandol a large bay's also some ships moored, we lay beside it.

Ile de Porquerolles - Hyres More

11.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 10 kt SW Actuell Position : 43° 02.59' N 006° 09.6' E
Ile de Porquerolles - Hyres - Tracks from Live Scores
This morning the weather forecast again more wind from northwest predicts So Mistral to come. Other next to us in the anchor field seem to have heard about it and are on their way to Hyeres, where one is well protected at Mistral. With the naked eye, the beach can be seen from our anchorage off, it is only 3 nm. In moderate winds, we make our way under sail to sheltered anchorage. In this bay are already many but there is plenty of space on the sandy bottom.

Saint Maxime - Ile de Porquerolles More

10.07.2015 Sonne 27°C 10 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 00.6' N 006° 12.79' E
Saint Maxime - Ile de Porquerolles - Tracks from Live Scores
After the Mistral is over we want to continue to the southwest. In pleasant winds we drive first Südkurs to go later to West. The next 2 days shall the wind remain so, then it will be more again. Quiet sailing we arrive in the early afternoon on the Ile de Porquerolles and go like many others here at anchor. With the dinghy we go ashore and see this village on.

St. Tropes - Saint Maxime More

08.07.2015 Sonne 22°C 30 kt NW Actuell Position : 43° 18.09' N 006° 37.89' E
St. Tropes - Saint Maxime - Tracks from Live Scores
Around noon the wind picks up. It is a verhergesagt Mistral Location and comes now. We have moved us a bit, but in the anchor field in uproar. The first to go on drifting and flying engine back and forth. We choose the 2 sm to go north and await the strong wind at Sailnt Maxime on the north coast. Once in Saint Maxime, the wind is still there but no longer the wave. As we are also a few other ships with the same idea now beside us at anchor.
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