Lefkada (GR) - Rocella Ionica (IT)
25.08.2014 Sonne 31°C 8 kt E Actuell Position : 38° 19,5' N 016° 25,7' E
In the morning we take the first opening of the pontoon bridge and drive out into the Ionian Sea. Early in the morning the wind from the north is still weak, but we can go under sail. Throughout the day and the next night the wind remains constant and we are well under way. The following day the wind is less in the morning, we drive for a while with engine and then the wind comes back now from the south and we can sail again. Our arrival in Roccella Ionica so be against 2400 AM, and we hear on the radio is heavily silted the marina entrance and we bombard with the Wind and now standing wave to go out at anchor.

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